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Monday NITRO


Why, Bret, why?

After his confusing actions on last week's Nitro, Bret Hart finally approached Hogan to
explain why he interfered on his behalf. But before fans worldwide could learn the
reasons behind the Hitman's betrayal, an incensed Randy Savage entered the ring and
started swinging. Once again, Hart and Hogan beat down the Macho Man, leaving him
lying face down in the ring, and the wrestling world without an answer.

Match Results

Chris Benoit d. Disco Inferno
After this grueling opening match-up, disco fever manifested itself in the shape of a bad
back and a cold sweat. Benoit opened with his trademark chop and stomp offensive
and, despite an offensive run by the Inferno, seemed to have control throughout the
bout. Inferno eventually submitted to the Crippler Crossface.

Chris Jericho d. Psychosis
WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
In another attempt to embarrass and humiliate Dean Malenko, Jericho imitated the Man
of a Thousand Holds by slicking back his hair and having no expression while he
wrestled. Despite his distracting hijinks, The Cruiserweight Champ was able to diffuse
Psychosis' aerial game plan with relative ease. Jericho secured the victory with the

Hugh Morrus and Barbarian d. Public Enemy
PE's losing streak in WCW continued on Nitro with the bad boys from Philly losing one
of their signature matches, the street fight. Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge looked
cohesive, but all the trash can and tables in the world couldn't quell the brute power of
Morrus and Barbarian. The former Dungeon of Doom members took the match and left
Rock and Grunge praying for a chiropractor.

Juventud Guerrera d. Kidman
Of all the Flock members under Raven and Saturn, none have shown more ring
acumen, guts and intensity than Kidman. Monday night, it wasn't enough. Still staying
true to his "No Surrender" creed, Juvy took all that Kidman had to offer from the air,
the mat and the arena floor. The unmasked Luchador struggled out of several near pins
and finally struck with his trademark 450 Splash. Post-match, the Flock entered the ring
and severely pummeled the Mexican Superstar.

Booker T d. Eddie Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero
WCW TV Title Match
Booker T and the former 'Gringo Loco' pulled out all the stops in this exhausting
contest.. Guerrero abandoned his years of experience for a less-than-legal artillery of
moves, but was unable to stop the momentum of the TV Champ. After a brilliant match,
Booker's kicking power left Guerrero on the mat and primed for the pin. Post-match,
Chavo mocked Eddie for losing.

Saturn d. Marty Jannetty
Seattle, messy hair and ripped jeans won out in this battle between grunge and 80's pop
rock. Continuing to become more vicious and focused in the ring, Saturn tore apart
Janetty, stretching the veteran rocker on the mat and suplexing repeatedly. Saturn
eventually won with the Rings of Saturn submission.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Sick Boy
Pre-match, DDP -- still fuming over his controversial loss at Spring Stampede -- called
out Raven to fight. Sick Boy arrived instead and received a fairly quick Diamond
Cutter. During the match, Raven insulted DDP's family via a pre-shot video.

Bill Goldberg d. Jerry Flynn
WCW US Heavyweight Title Match
Back in days of old, Flynn was one of the first wrestlers to actually challenge Goldberg,
confusing the rookie fighter with mat holds and karate moves. Not this time, Jerry. The
US Champ entered the ring to the biggest cheer of the night, absorbed a few holds and
then ate the martial arts expert like a TV dinner. Head Spear. Jackhammer. Goldberg
wins again.

Sting, Lex Luger and the Giant d. Brian Adams, Konnan and Scott Steiner
This big 6-man tag main event saw the NWO getting completely outclassed by their
WCW counterparts. Through some rule bending and triple teams, the black-and-white
express had their moments of domination . But the sheer power of the Giant, The Total
Package's explosiveness and Sting's speed and punching power shined throughout the
bout. So much so that Adams, frustrated, walked away from the match. But before any
of WCW's heroic trio could lock in their respective finishers, Vincent ran into the ring
and caused the DQ, giving Steiner and Konnan time to escape from the ring.