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WCW Monday Nitro Report
December 7th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Lee Marshall
Live from Houston, Texas

• The announcers said that Goldberg demanded a match with Bam Bam Bigelow before the show went on air. The WCW Championship Committee decided to grant Goldberg the match, but the Heavyweight Title would not be on the line since Goldberg signed the Starrcade contract with Kevin Nash.

• Pre-recorded footage was shown of Scott Steiner and the NWO Referee attacking the Nitro mascot before the show.

• Scott Steiner Interview (w/NWO Referee).
- Scott Steiner first bragged about himself and paid a little tribute to Hollywood Hogan. He recapped his feud with Scott Hall, and challenged Hall to yet another match. Steiner said he would end Hall's career and break a leg.

• Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kendall Windham with the Diamond Cutter.
- Diamond Dallas Page struggled a bit, but quickly took the victory with the Diamond Cutter.

• Norman Smiley defeated Prince Iaukea by making him submit to a chokehold-type tap-out maneuver.

• Eddie Guerrero Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
- Eddie Guerrero called Rey Mysterio, Jr. a selfish person and said Mysterio would be disciplined. Guerrero called out the new LWO member, Silver King. Guerrero said King would teach Mysterio a lesson later in the show.

• Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Silver King with a Modified Bulldog.
- Rey Mysterio, Jr. dominated Silver King, and finished off the match with a unique Bulldog.

• Backsage, the WCW Championship Committee and Goldberg arrived. Kevin Nash confronted Goldbeg, and said he wanted Goldberg to focus on him only. Nash said the match with Bam Bam Bigelow wouldn't happen, but Terry Taylor said it was only one night. Goldberg said to Nash, "There isn't a second that goes by that I dream of driving your ass through that mat."

• Wrath defeated Renegade with the Meltdown.

• Disco Inferno Interview.
- Disco Inferno said he had a blockbuster announcement and introduced Konnan. Disco asked Konnan to tell the fans what the announcement was, but Konnan had no idea what he was talking about. Disco claimed he was in The Wolfpac, but judging from Konnan's face, it didn't seem true.

• Stevie Ray and Horace defeated Disco Inferno and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with a Spike Piledriver.
- As Chavo Guerrero, Jr. argued with the referee, NWO-Hollywood finished off Disco Inferno with a Spike Piledriver.

• Kevin Nash Interview.
- Kevin Nash said Goldberg was not running the show. He said Goldberg signed with Kevin Nash and that was the only match he was going to have. Nash then announced that Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow would not enter the ring without him, supposedly confirming a three-way dance.

• Glacier defeated Saturn by Disqualification.
- Before the match, Ernest Miller and Sonny Onoo appeared by the entrance-way. Onoo was wearing a neckbrace, while Miller claimed he had an injured ankle, so Saturn was "lucky" he wouldn't get attacked. After Miller interfered, the referee threw the match out. Saturn continued to destroy Glacier. Nobody knew why, but the referee gave Glacier the win by DQ. Saturn was shocked and gave the referee a Death Valley Driver.

• Lex Luger defeated Emery Hale by making him submit to the Torture Rack.

• Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) defeated Bobby Duncum, Jr. via Pinfall.
- Before the match, Chris Jericho taunted Bobby Duncum, Jr. over the mic. Chris Jericho and Bobby Duncum, Jr. wrestled a long match. Jericho finished it off with a pin, after using the ropes for leverage.

• The Giant defeated Scott Putski with the Chokeslam in 10 seconds.
- After the match, The Giant taunted Diamond Dallas Page, and accepted the Starrcade challenge.

• Backstage, a WCW trainer taped Konnan, and the NWO Referee also wanted to be taped up. Konnan said the NWO Referee would b e taped up nice and well.

• Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Kanyon and Raven resulted in a No-Contest.
- Kanyon was backstage, arguing with Raven. Raven didn't want to come out. Kanyon came down to the ring and said he didn't care. He said he wouldn't wrestle because the odds were against him. He instead challenged Chris Benoit or Dean Malenko to a match for Thunder, and said he couldn't challenge Arn Anderson, since Anderson was "too old" and only "half of a wrestler." The Four Horsemen all attacked Kanyon, as Kanyon ran off.

• Ric Flair Interview
- Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko remained in the ring, while Ric Flair and Steve McMichael made their ways down. Flair wanted Eric Bischoff to direct his attention to him. Flair said Bischoff's dictatorship was going to come to an end. Flair mentioned several legends known in the Houston, Texas area. Flair violently described the way he would fight Bischoff at Starrcade.

• Konnan defeated Booker T. by Disqualification, to retain the Television Title.
- As the match went on, Booker T. was ready to finish off the match with the Missle Dropkick. Stevie Ray interfered, and hit Konnan with a slapjack. Booker T. got very upset at his brother, and explained that he lost the chance to obtain the Television Title.

• Scott Hall and Scott Steiner went to a No-Contest.
- Before the match, the NWO Referee was not with Scott Steiner. Steiner was upset at Hall, thinking it was Hall's fault. Steiner even went as far as calling Hall a piece of shit, and it was heard over the mic. The NWO Referee popped out of the entrance-way, and he was completely tied up with tape. WCW referee, Mickey Jay, ran out, and knocked down the NWO Referee. As the match went on, NWO-Hollywood members interfered. All attacked Hall, until Lex Luger and Konnan made the save. The Wolfpac and Hall were out-numbered, however - especially with The Giant making his way into the ring. Finally, Diamond Dallas Page made the save with a chair. He got a big piece of The Giant.

• Bret Hart Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
- Bret Hart said Diamond Dallas Page was using the coward way out to fight The Giant at Starrcade. Hart told DDP to stay out of his way.

• Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow went to a No-Contest.
- After Bam Bam Bigelow made his way out, Kevin Nash ran into the ring, followed by Goldberg. The referee immediatley called the match and security was brought in to put all three to a stop.