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WCW Monday Nitro Report
November 30th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Chattanooga, Tennessee

• Mike Tenay had the night off due to laryngitis. The commentators discussed Hollywood Hulk Hogan's retirement, and announced Goldberg and Kevin Nash would be in the ring later in the night to sign a contract for their upcoming Heavyweight Title match at Starrcade.

• NWO-Hollywood members arrived in their limousines. Members were Scott Steiner, The Giant, NWO referee, Stevie Ray, Horace, Brian Adams, and Eric Bichoff. All made their ways down to the ring for an interview.

• Scott Steiner Interview.
- Eric Bischoff announced Scott Steiner as the new NWO-Hollywood leader, thanks to Hollywood Hogan. Steiner wanted everyone to show their blessings for Hogan. Steiner said that Hogan was the biggest muscle guy ever and the greatest guy in professional wrestling. He said there was no doubt that Hogan made him leader because of the size of his body. According to Hogan's orders, NWO-Hollywood's first order of buisness was to take out Scott Hall. Steiner said he and Horace would team up to take on Hall and a partner of Hall's choice.

• Konnan defeated Chris Jericho with a Face Buster, to become the new Television Champion.
- Ralphus walked Chris Jericho down to the ring and then headed back to the locker room. Jericho and Konnan wrestled an excellent match. After Konnan got out of the Lion Tamer, Jericho thought he had won the match. Konnan grabbed the Television Belt Jericho was holding on to, and face-bustered Jericho into the belt. Konnan secured the pin, to become the new Television Champion. Wolfpac members, Kevin Nash and Lex Luger, made their ways out to congratulate Konnan. WCW aired Konnan's music video to celebrate.

• Ric Flair Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
- Ric Flair mentioned many superstars that made what Eric Bischoff is today. He said he was disappointed and upset at Barry Windham, saying he had no responsibilty and was an asshole. He challenged Bischoff to a match.

• Scott Hall Interview.
- Scott Hall made his way out with no music. Hall accepted NWO-Hollywood's match, but said he would rather do a one-on-one match, since he's use to doing everything on his own. Kevin Nash appeared by the entrance-way. Nash announced he would be Hall's tag team partner.

• The Armstrong Brothers (Scott and Steve) defeated Kanyon and Raven via Pinfall.
- Raven sat in the corner. Kanyon tried to convince Raven to wrestle the match, and leave the problems behind him. Raven got on the mic and continued to talk about the problems he had with his mother. Kanyon teased Raven. As Kanyon wrestled the match, Raven walked out on him. Kanyon hit the Flatliner, but was distracted by Raven's departure, which let Steve Armstrong roll up Kanyon for the pinfall.

• Bret Hart Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
- Bret Hart said he was attacked by several people. He claimed Dean Malenko ruptured his groin. He said he had doctors and trainers backstage that could prove he was in no condition to wrestle his United States Title match with Diamond Dallas Page later in the show, due to a groin injury. DDP made his way into the ring from the crowd. DDP provoked Hart, saying he was a damn liar. Hart said he would only wrestle DDP for the U.S. Title if it was a No Disqualification match. DDP accepted.

• Kidman defeated Eddie Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press, to retain the Cruiserweight title.
- As the match went on, the referee was accidently knocked out. Juventud Guerrera attempted to mess up Kidman's Shooting Star Press, but was knocked out of the ring instead. Rey Mysterio, Jr. made his way down and drop-kicked Eddie Guerrero from behind, which let Kidman finish off the match with the Shooting Star Press. Other NWO members made their ways down, and ran off Kidman and Mysterio to the locker room.

• Bam Bam Bigelow made his appearance and sat in his own seat. He said he bought his own ticket.

• Eric Bischoff Interview (w/Barry Windham).
- Eric Bischoff called out Dean Malenko, who was with all other Four Horsemen members, except Ric Flair. Malenko respectively asked his friends to return to the locker room. Bischoff said he was impressed and Malenko supposedly had his respect. Bischoff said Malenko would give Flair his opportunity to wrestle him (Bischoff), if Malenko was to beat Windham later in the show. Malenko accepted. Bischoff introduced Dusty Rhodes to the ring, who would referee the Malenko vs. Windham match. Rhodes claimed he would call the match fairly.

• Wrath defeated Bobby Blaze with the Meltdown in less than 30 seconds.

• Bam Bam Bigelow was once again shown in the crowd. He said there was nothing WCW could do about him, because he bought a ticket. He then started to taunt Goldberg.

• Ernest Miller Interview.
- Ernest Miller insulted the crowd and challenged anyone to come in the ring and fight him. Saturn appeared and made his way into the ring. Miller walked out of the ring and made up an excuse. Saturn provoked Miller, and Miller immediately made his way back into the ring. Miller said if Saturn could beat Sonny Onoo, Saturn would get his match with him. Onoo didn't want to do it, but Miller whispered something to Onoo to convince him.

• Sonny Onoo defeated Saturn.
- Saturn had the win at first with an awesome Death Valley Driver, but Miller pulled the referee out of the ring. Glacier ran in, and clocked Saturn with a kick. Onoo was placed on top of Saturn for the pin, but Saturn amazingly kicked out. Saturn finished off Onoo with the Death Valley Driver, but the referee spotted a chain in Saturn's hand that was actually thrown into Onoo by Miller earlier in the match, and reversed the decision.

• Goldberg arrived in his limousine, and made his way down to the ring. Gene Okerlund and Terry Taylor stood in the ring for the contract signing. Bam Bam Bigelow was shown in the crowd, saying he should of been the one signing the contract. Kevin Nash was introduced, who came along with fellow Wolfpac members, Lex Luger and Konnan. Nash and Goldberg looked straight at each other. Nash signed the contract, which set the Heavyweight Title match between he and Goldberg at Starrcade and also the clause that Goldberg could not defend the title until Starrcade. Goldberg then signed the contract and it was official. Bigelow tried to intefere, but was thrown out of the arena by several security officials.

• Booker T. defeated Mike Enos with a Sidewalk Slam.
- Booker T. dominated Mike Enos and finished him off with a Sidewalk Slam.

• Outside of the arena, Bam Bam Bigelow stood on grass, with a ton of fans near him. He wanted Goldberg to come outside.

• Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams (w/Vincent) by making him submit to the Torture Rack.
- The referee was accidently knocked out. Vincent brought in a chair, but was knocked out by Lex luger. Brian Adams used the chair as a weapon, and piledrove Luger onto a chair, but Luger amazingly kicked out of the pin. As the match went on, Luger caused Adams to ram into the steel chair Vincent was holding on top of the apron. Luger then strapped Adams in the Torture Rack, to take the win.

• Dean Malenko defeated Barry Windham, with Dusty Rhodes as the Guest Referee.
- As expected, Dusty Rhodes was a sneaky, unfair referee. Rhodes continued to encourage Barry Windam. Out of no where, Rhodes called for the bell, and declared Dean Malenko the winner. Eric Bischoff made his way down, and told Rhodes he was fired. Rhodes didn't care, as the crowd chanted "Dusty!" Windham went after Rhodes, but all Four Horsemen members made the save. Ric Flair went after Bischoff, but Bischoff was saved by NWO-Hollywood members. The match of Flair vs. Bischoff was set for a future date.

• Kevin Nash and Scott Hall defeated Scott Steiner and Horace with Hall's Outsider Edge.
- Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had a bit of friction. The NWO Referee did the officiating, and was totally unfair. During the match, Tony Schiavone announced, according to the WCW Legal Counsel, that Eric Bischoff vs. Ric Flair would take place at Starrcade. NWO-Hollywood kept Hall inside of the ring the majority time. After an exhausted Hall tagged in Nash, Nash dominated everyone. Hall nailed Horace with the Outsider Edge. The NWO Referee would not make the pin, though, so Nash Jack-Knife Powerbombed him. Another referee made his way down to make the pin, for Nash and Hall to take the win. Nash immediately walked away, and wasn't in the ring to have his hand raised at all.

• Bam Bam Bigelow continued to wait on the outside of the arena. When returning from a commercial break, Goldberg ran outside. Bigelow and Goldberg brawled everywhere. Security officials put the two to a stop. Bigelow said he had Goldberg right where he wanted him. Goldberg and Bigelow continued to go at it, as WCW went to yet another commercial break.

• No Disqualification Match: Bret Hart defeated Diamond Dallas Page with the Sharpshooter, to become the new US Champion.
- Bret Hart wrestled in a T-Shirt, jean shorts, and shoes. As the match went on, The Giant made his way down and totally destroyed Diamond Dallas Page with several Chokeslams. Hart strapped an unconcious DDP in the Sharpshooter. DDP didn't even submit, but the referee called the match anyway since DDP blacked out.