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WCW Monday Nitro Report
November 16th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Wichita, Kansas

• Hollywood Hogan's motorcade arrived. Secret Service Agents told the camera man to back off.

• Juventud Guerrera defeated Kidman with the 450 Splash, to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.
-The match between Kidman and Juventud Guerrera came very close and was exciting. At some points, both executed their finishing maneuvers, but kicked out of the pins. Finally, Guerrera finished off the match with the 450 Splash, to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. Following the match, Kidman handed Guerrera the belt and congratulated him. Guerrera would go onto World War III to wrestle Rey Mysterio, Jr. for the title.

• Wrath and Raven (w/Kanyon) went to a No-Contest.
-Raven said he was an adult, and WCW wouldn't order him around. With Raven refusing to wrestle the match, Kanyon begged him to wrestle. Raven left, while Kanyon went into the ring and asked who was better than him. After the crowd yelled out, "everybody," Wrath attacked Kanyon from behind, after we thought Wrath had left the ring. Wrath wiped out Kanyon with the Meltdown. Kanyon was then set to take on Glacier.

• Kanyon defeated Glacier with the Flatliner.
-Kanyon was scheduled to take on Glacier, as Glacier made his way down. Glacier and Kanyon did not wrestle a match at first, however, as Wrath executed yet another Meltdown - but this time, on Glacier. Wrath continued to beat down on Kanyon and Glacier. Both regrouped later on, and a match was finally underway. Kanyon took the win with the Flatliner.

• Sonny Onoo defeated El Gringo (Kaz Hayashi) via Pinfall.
-The commentators had no idea who El Gringo was and said Sonny Onoo ordered the match. Onoo was dressed in karate attire. El Gringo removed his mask, and revealed himself as Kaz Hayashi. As Hayashi was set to attack Onoo, Ernest Miller hit him behind the head with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Onoo the made the pin.

• Horace and Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) defeated Dean Malenko and Steve McMichael (w/Arn Anderson) by Disqualification.
-After Stevie Ray used an illegal object, Arn Anderson ran-in, and took out all NWO-Hollywood members with a crow-bar. Security official, Doug Dillenger entered the ring, and asked for the crow-bar. Anderson refused to hand the object over as WCW went to a commercial break. When returning from a commercial break, it was announced that Anderson was thrown out of the building, while McMichael was taken to a local hospital.

• Ric Flair Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
-Ric Flair confirmed Arn Anderson was on his way to jail, courtesy of Eric Bischoff. Flair said he would be down to pick up Anderson soon. Flair insulted Bischoff, and introduced former Four Horsemen member, Barry Windham. Windham said he was there to stay and was all about tradition. Bischoff interrupted. Bischoff said Flair had no right to bring in Windham into WCW. Flair said Windham would take Bischoff's girlfriend, Elizabeth. Flair said for Liz to get ready.

• Eddie Guerrero (w/Unknown Bodyguard) defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr. with the Frog Splash.
-Eddie Guerrero said he respected Rey Mysterio, Jr., and wanted him in the LWO. Guerrero said if he won, Mysterio would have to promise to joi the LWO. But if he lost, he would let Mysterio be. Mysterio agreed, and the match was underway. As the Unknown Bodyguard argued with the referee, Guerrero was ready to cover Mysterio. Juventud Guerrera ran-in to make the save, but inadverently nailed Mysterio with a Guillotine Legdrop. Guerrero then hit the Frog Splash, to take the win. Other LWO members made their ways out, and wrapped the LWO T-Shirt on Mysterio. Both Mysterio and Guerrera were very disappointed.

• Footage was shown from Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. Mrs. Judy Bagwell was laying on a hospital bed, and explained that she was attacked by Scott Steiner. She couldn't believe Buff (or Marcus) Bagwell let Scott Steiner attack her. She started to cry, and told her son to stop. She was obviously in no condition to team up with Rick Steiner to take on Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell for the Tag Team Titles at Starrcade.

• Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Scott Putski went to a No-Contest.
-As the match went on, former ECW star, Bam Bam Bigelow appeared backstage. He started to throw things around, looking for Goldberg. Gene Okerlund tried to get a word with him, but Bigelow went straight to the ring and destroyed Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Scott Putski. Bigelow shouted out for GOldberg, "so he could kick his ass." Eric Bischoff, J.J. Dillon, and security officials made their ways in. Dillon explained to Bigelow that he had no right in WCW, because Bigelow was not under contract. Goldberg made his way down, with a ton of security officials. Goldberg and Bigelow were about to attack each other, but about twenty-five security officials surrounded the ring, and held the two monsters back. Bischoff told Dillon on the outside of the ring he wanted to see him backstage, because it was supposed Dillon's fault. Bischoff told Dillon backstage he was backstage, because Dillon screws things up all the time. Dillon said Bischoff didnt' have to fire him because he quit.

• Saturn and Konnan went to a No-Contest.
-Saturn noted that Konnan interrupted his match with Eddie Guerrero a few weeks back. So Saturn called out Konnan. Konnan made his way down. As the match went on, LWO members made their ways out to ringside. During the match, Gene Okerlund interviewed Eric Bischoff backstage near Goldberg's locker room. Bischoff said he fired J.J. Dillon because Dillon screwed things up too much. Bischoff said Bigelow had no right to come into WCW, and interrupt the show. He said Bigelow would not be part of the World War III pay-per-view in anyway. Goldberg popped out of his locker room door, and demanded for Bischoff to give him Bigelow later in the show. Bischoff resisted at first, but once Goldberg pushed Bischoff's face against the wall, Bischoff said, "Okay." Back in the match, Konnan knocked Saturn oto the outside of the ring. LWO members began to attack Saturn. Konnan tried to help out Saturn, but Saturn just punched him. Saturn took out the entire LWO. Konnan said it wasn't over, and he and Saturn continued to brawl.

• Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell Interview (w/NWO referee).
-Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell had their own referee. He had a whistle, NWO referee T-Shirt, and was pretty weird. Bagwell said how much better the NWO referee was better than WCW's, and even had the NWO referee prove he could count to the three. It was revealed that Bagwell gave Steiner permission to attack Mrs. Judy Bagwell. A fake Mrs. Steiner came out, and Scott let Buff attack her. Buff pinned her, with the NWO referee doing the counting. Rick Steiner ran down, and Bagwell and Scott split. Rick tore off the impression Steiner mom's clothes. It was definitely a guy. Scott Norton popped up from behind Rick. Three members of NWO-Hollywood started to attack Rick. Scott said if his brother showed up at World War III, he would end his career.

• Bobby Duncum, Jr. defeated Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) by Disqualification, to let Jericho obtain the Television Title.
-The commentators gave a huge background on Bobby Duncum, Jr. Duncum dominated Chris Jericho. Jericho went on the outside of the ring, knocked David Penzer out of his chair, took his Television Title, left, and was counted out.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview.
-Secret Service Agents surrounded the ringside area. USA music played, balloons fell from the cieling, etc. Hollywood Hogan first thanked the media, press, and the people. Hogan introduced his personal intern. Doug Dillenger brought her down, and it was a Monica Lewinsky impersonator. Lewsinky gave Hogan a cigar, and hugged all over him. It was time to talk NWO buisness, as Eric Bischoff made his way down. Hogan said he was watching out for Goldberg. Bischoff showed his appreciation. Scott Hall came into the ring. Hall asked where Bischoff's head was. Bischoff told Hall to meet him backstage. Hall punched Bischoff. Hogan then attacked Hall. Kevin Nash made the save, but in the end, he told Hall, "I'll see you in Detroit."

• Chris Benoit defeated Bret Hart by Disqualification.
-Chris Benoit dominated Bret Hart at first and was ready to use the chair. The referee held the chair from Benoit, which let Hart low-blow Benoit. Hart then began to work on Benoit's elbow with the chair. Dean Malenko made the save. Malenko turned his back on Hart when he was helping Benoit recover. Hart re-entered the ring and began to attack Malenko. Diamond Dallas Page came out of no-where and threw Hart all over the place. DDP got on the mic and ripped Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage. He begged Hart to come out and get the United States Title, but he knew Hart wouldn't show his face again. He announced, before J.J. Dillon got fired, he signed a contract that would let him wrestle Hart for the United States Title at World War III.

• Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow went to a No-Contest.
-As Goldberg made his way out, Bam Bam Bigelow went right at him. They brawled close to the entrance-way, and security was all over the place, as the show went off the air.