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WCW Monday Nitro Report
November 9th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Uniondale, Long Island, New York

• The Star Spangled Banner played, with footage of Washington, D.C. and the United States Flag shown, as Hollywood Hogan would announce his candidacy for the President and running mate. Tony Schiavone announced President Bill Clinton was on his was to the Nassau Coliseum.

• Backstage, Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan were awaiting the President's arrival. Okerlund did note that the President was coming to the arena, according to NWO-Hollywood. Limousines pulled up the arena, where NWO-Hollywood and Wolfpac members popped out and began to brawl.

• Juventud Guerrera defeated Kaz Hayashi via Pinfall.
-During the match, Eric Bischoff walked right up to the commentating booth, and said everyone had his word that the President of the United States would be on the show. Bischoff said to make sure Gene Okerlund awaited the President's appearance. Juventud Guerrera and Kaz Hayashi executed many high-flying maneuvers. As the match went on, Ernest Miller and Sonny Onoo made their ways to the ringside area. Miller distracted the referee, while Hayashi had Guerrera in a pinning position. Onoo hit Hayashi in the head, which let Guerrera execute a reverse-pin on Hayashi, to take the win.

• Alex Wright and Barry Horowitz went to a No-Contest.
-During the match, Secret Service people were walking around, scanning the arena. As the match went on, The Wolfpac made their ways in, and apparently had a statement. Larry Zbyszko said, "They're here to recruit Horowitz?" Kevin Nash and Konnan hyped up the crowd. Nash said even though The Wolfpac was out-numbered, they would keep coming back at NWO-Hollywood. Nash called out NWO-Hollywood members - specifically Scott Hall. Lex Luger called out Bret Hart. Konnan said after Hart injured Sting, it was on - Wolfac style. Eric Bischoff appeared by the entrance-way. Bischoff said he would make sure The Wolfpac got want they wanted (NWO-Hollywood) later in the show. It was announced that later in the show the matches of Konnan vs. Bret Hart and Kevin Nash and Lex Luger vs. The Giant and Scott Hall would take place.

• IWGP Champion, Scott Norton (w/Vincent) defeated Lodi in approximately ten seconds with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.

• Disciple Interview - Conducted by Tony Schiavone.
-The Disciple said he was on his own, and no longer part of NWO-Hollywood. Horace, Stevie Ray, and Vincent made their ways in. Horace told The Disciple to keep his mouth shut. Horace said after The Disciple said long ago he was not NWO-Hollywood material, he was there now. The Disciple told NWO-Hollywood to leave, and was attacked in return. The Warrior ran-in, and made the save for The Disciple

• Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan continued to wait for the arrival of The President of the United States. The President's motorcade arrived, with Secret Service members all over the place. The Secret Service told Okerlund and Heenan to leave because it was a restricted area. Walking into the arena, as President, was none other than Hollywood Hogan. Hogan walked down toward the ring, along with Eric Bischoff and The Secret Service, with music playing, ballons falling, confetti, ballons, and a gigantic United States Flags. There were also "Hollywood for President" mini-banners.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview (w/Eric Bischoff, Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
-Hollywood Hogan first respectively congratulated Jesse Ventura for his election as governor of Minnesota. Eric Bischoff also showed his respect. Hogan said after many phone calls from the media, asking him to possibly run for President, he would do it. Hogan said he would serve and protect his country, and it was time to change the United States in the new millineum. He said if we all worked together as one campaign force, we could do it. Hogan anounced Bischoff as his campaign manager.

• Bret Hart Interview.
-Bret Hart insulted Lex Luger, Sting, and Diamond Dallas Page after injuring them. He said he was finished with Luger, and taunted Konnan.

• Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall.
-Before the match, Eddie Guerrero once again offered Rey Mysterio, Jr. an LWO T-Shirt. Mysterio did not accept. Guerrero mainly worked on Mysterio's knee. The commentators said that it was almost as if Guerrero was forcing Mysterio to join the LWO by making him suffer. Guerrero continued with the advantage, as Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Pepe made their ways in. Guerrero was distracted by Chavo (who was on the apron), and was pushed into Chavo by Mysterio. Chavo flew into the guard rail, while Mysterio rolled up Eddie for the win. LWO members made their ways in. They began to attack Chavo, until Mysterio made the save.

• Eric Bischoff Interview (w/Elizabeth).
-Eric Bischoff briefly discussed Hollywood Hogan's presdential running. Bischoff said Ric Flair wouldn't wrestle, since Flair didn't pass his physical. After J.J. Dillon fined Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell, Bischoff said he would change things. Three of Bischoff's associates walked out. Bischoff told David Groom, who controls the money in WCW, he had no right to authorize a deduction from Scott Steiner's and Buff Bagwell's contract. The other two also had something to do with the authorization. Bischoff kicked all of his associates down, and beat on them.

• Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell Interview.
-Before the match, WCW referee, Mickey Jay said WCW referees would have nothing to do with Scott Steiner anymore. Steiner bragged about how the women are all over him. Buff Bagwell criticized the injuries of referee Nick Patrick and J.J. Dillon. Bagwell said with all the money he and Steiner make, they would just buy their own referee. Steiner said after he called out Roddy Piper the week before, Piper got scared and no-showed. Steiner called out anyone. Chris Adams made his way in. Adams was taken out by both Bagwell and Steiner, and no one was officiating the match. Stiener put Adams in the Steiner Recliner, but immediately left the ring, along with Bagwell, the moment Rick Steiner ran down. Rick challenged Scott and Bagwell to a Tag Team Title match. Steiner and Bagwell accepted.

• Rick Steiner and Mrs. Judy Bagwell vs. Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell went to a No-Contest.
-Rick Steiner's partner was suprisingly Mrs. Judy Bagwell (Buff's mom). Judy had the belt around her waist, and she and Rick completely took out Scott Steiner and Buff. Scott said he and Buff left the ring, and said they wouldn't wrestle the match because there was no referee. Buff told his mom to watch out, because he pays the bills. Rick and Judy challenged Scott and Buff to a Tag Team Title match for World War III. Buff and Scott accepted. Rick said they'll bring the Tag Team Titles, while Buff and Scott bring the referee.

• Konnan defeated Bret Hart by Disqualification.
-Bret Hart totally dominated Konnan, and worked on his knee heavily. Hart began to use a chair, and was disqualififed. Hart continued to attack Konnan, until Lex Luger made the save. Konnan shouted out in pain, and received minor medical attention from WCW trainers and referees.

• Chris Jericho Interview - Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
-Chris Jericho was with his security guard, Ralphus. Jericho's hair was curled, and sticking up in the front. Jericho put down the Long Island crowd. Jericho pointed out he was supposedly 4-0 and Goldberg. Jericho said Ralphus told him Goldberg was not the arena, so Goldberg was supposedly not man enough to step up to Jericho. Backstage, Goldberg walked into his locker room. He began to throw things around, and ran down to the entrance. Goldberg speared Jericho on the aisle, and tore his T-Shirt off.

• Kevin Nash and Lex Luger defeated Scott Hall and The Giant by Disqualification.
-As The Wolfpac took the advantage, Bret Hart intefered. Hart began to damage Kevin Nash's knee, along with Scott Hall. Lex Luger knocked out The Giant on the outside of the ring, and brought a chair into the ring to scare off Hart, Hall, and The Giant.


WCW Nitro Extra Report for November 10, 1998
Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Taped from Uniondale, Long Island, New York

• Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated El Dandy by Disqualification.
-As the match went on, LWO members interfered, and began to attack Rey Mysterio, Jr. Kidman attempted to make the save for Mysterio, but accidently hit Mysterio with a missle dropkick. Kidman and Mysterio exchanged a few words, but their job of scaring off LWO was done.

• Saturn defeated Sick Boy by making him submit to the Rings of Saturn.
-Sick Boy put up a tough match for Saturn, but as he argued with the referee, Saturn took the advantage. Saturn finished off Sick Boy, surprsingly, with the Rings of Saturn submission maneuver.

• Stevie Ray defeated Disco Inferno with a Powerbomb.
-Before the match, Disco Inferno put down the crowd. Booker T. dominated Disco Inferno and finished him off, and finished him off with an amazing Powerbomb.

• Steve McMichael defeated Fit Finaly.

• Goldberg defeated Meng with the Jackhammer, to retain the Heavyweight Title.