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WCW Monday Nitro Report
November 2nd 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schivone, Larry Zbysko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Alex Wright defeated Norman Smiley with the Reversed Neckbreaker.
-Norman Smiley put up a tough fight for Alex Wright, but Wright once again proved he was one of the best European wrestlers in WCW, after using his Reversed Neckbreaker.

• Disco Inferno defeated Kaz Hayashi with the Piledriver.
-As Kaz Hayashi took the advantage, Sonny Onoo made his way out. Hayashi ran after Onoo. As he ran back in the ring, Disco Inferno caught him with the Piledriver to take the win.

• Booker T. Interview.
-Booker T., returning from a knee injury, got a huge ovation from the crowd. Booker T. said he had nothing but love for his brother, but he would do his thing, while Stevie Ray would do his. Booker T. announced Scott Hall was the one who re-injured his knee back in August, which had Booker T. challenge Hall to a match for later in the show.

• Fit Finlay defeated Scott Putski with the Tombstone Piledriver.
-Fit Finlay dominated the match, and easily finished off Scott Putski with the Tombstone Piledriver.

• Backstage, Raven did an interview, but was interrupted by Kanyon. Kanyon put down Raven, saying Raven ws having a self-pity party, and he's been going down as of late.

• Ernest Miller Interview (w/Sonny Onoo).
-Ernest Miller once again bragged about being the greatest, and challenged anyone to face him. Scott Armstrong made his way in, and the match was underway.

• Ernest Miller defeated Steve Armstrong with the Spinning Roundhouse Kick.
-Ernest Miller took the victory in less than a minute. Miller continued to attack Scott Armstrong, until Steve Armstrong made the save. Steve, however, was eventually beaten down by Miller.

• Wrath defeated Kendall Windham with the Meltdown.

• Bret Hart Interview (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
-Bret Hart said he couldn't wrestle against Lex Luger later in the show because he supposedly had a groin pull. Gene Okerlund didn't buy a word Hart said. Hart put down Sting and Diamond Dallas Page, after they were injured by him. He said Luger was out of a match for the night, while Luger made his way down. Luger provoked Hart, and Hart knew what he was doing. Hart said to talk to the doctors. Luger said he had it, and clothes-lined and then racked Hart.

• A match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair from Halloween Havoc in 1994 aired, which had Mr. T. as the Guest Referee, and saw Hogan winning the match. As the clipping went on, The Four Horsemen made their ways out. They said at that time, Hogan was a real man. Dean Malenko said he would teach Raven a lesson later in the show, with Steve McMichael taunted Eric Bischoff.

• Scott Norton defeated Van Hammer with a Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
-The IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Scott Norton dominated Van Hammer, and easily took the victory with a Jack-Knife Powerbomb.

• Saturn defeated Eddie Guerrero by Disqualification.
-Before the match even got underway, Saturn had to set a challenge for Eddie Guerrero. Saturn could of had the victory at one point with the Death Valley Driver, but Guerrero reversed it. LWO members interfered, giving Saturn the win by Disqualification. Konnan ran-in to go after Guerrero, and told Saturn to stay out of the way, because it's between he and Guerrero only.

• Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell Interview.
-Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell called out Kaos. They pounded on Kaos. Scott Steiner tried to pound on J.J. Dillon, but Dillon got out on time.

• Psychosis defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr. with the Guillotine Legdrop.
-After the LWO came out and distracted Mysterio, Pyschosis took advantage, and finished off the match with a Guillotine Legdrop.

• Chris Jericho Interview (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
-Chris Jericho, wearing a Goldberg T-Shirt, basically discussed matters on Goldberg, and said he respected him. Jericho sounded as if he meant everything he said.

• Dean Malenko defeated Raven by Disqualification.
-At first, Raven would not fight back. But it turned into a decent match, where Dean Malenko took the victory by Disqualification after Kanyon interfered. Both Kanyon and Raven began to attack Malenko, until Chris Benoit made the save. Bret Hart ran-in, and attacked Benoit. Hart worked on Benoit's elbow. Lex Luger came in, followed by The Giant. The Giant said he would wrestle Luger in the main event instead of Hart.

• Chris Jericho and Kidman went to a Time Limit Draw.
-Both wrestlers put up an excellent match. After time ran out, the decision was declared a draw. Chris Jericho retained the Television Title, while Kidman retained the Cruiserweight Title.

• Scott Steiner did yet another interview, where he and Buff Bagwell basically ranted on Kenny Kaos, J.J. Dillon, etc.

• Booker T. defeated Scott Hall by Disqualification.
-Scott Hall had an alcoholic beverage. In a great match, Booker T. took the victory by Disqualification after Hall put the referee in the way of Booker T's Missle Dropkick.

• Lex Luger and The Giant went to a No Contest.
-Lex Luger and The Giant wrestled a good match, until Bret Hart interfered. Goldberg came into make the save, but accidently speared Luger when the show went off the air.