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Monday NITRO


Stealing the show yet again proved no problem for the NWO's disturbed hierarchy.
Fuming in the wake of Randy Savage being a victim of a vicious vehicular assault earlier
in the evening, Kevin Nash took to the ring and accused Hollywood Hogan of running
over the Macho Man. Wearing a Randy Savage t-shirt to show respect for his fallen
comrade, Nash went on to berate Hogan, going so far as to declare that if he won the
WCW World Heavyweight title from Sting later in the eventing, he would not share it
with the NWO godfather.

Match Results

La Parka, Psychosis, and El Dandy d. Tokyo Magnum, Nobunaga, and Judo
The three Japanese newcomers, recently recruited from Ultimo Dragon's dojo in
Mexico, fought a game match against the Lucha veterans but inevitably fell victim to
their lack of strength and experience. Psychosis eventualy took the pin after a guillotine
legdrop. Post-match, instead of celebrating their victory, the three rudos turned on each
other with La Parka doing most of the damage to Dandy and Psychosis with his trusty

Booker T. d. Disco Inferno
Although Internet darling Disco Inferno continued to impress with his renewed intensity,
he could not derail Booker T, whose TV title run remains on track. After suffering
numerous Disco clotheslines and punches, Booker T struck back with his trademark
Spinneroony recovery. (Helicopter spin off the mat into a spinwheel kick.) Booker T
then took the air and nailed the win with a missile dropkick off the top rope.

Kidman d. Lenny Lane
Forsaken by Chris Jericho and now alone in WCW's ultra-competitive cruiserweight
division, Lenny Lane used his size to neutralize much of Kidman's top-rope antics.
However, after falling prey to a dropkick combination, Lane found himself on the
receiving end of the 7-Year Itch (shooting star press) and the pinfall loss.

Konnan w/ Vincent d. Norman Smiley
After losing in a major upset to Prince Iaukea two weeks ago, K-Dawg seems to have
regained his winning attitude and style. Making obvious that Smiley has yet to adapt to
the American style of wrestling, Konnan dominated the former Mexican heavyweight
champion and shootfighter. The NWO's run-in specialist eventually took the match after
a cradle DDT and the Tequila Sunrise submision.

Buff Bagwell d. Diamond Dallas Page
WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title Match
A back-and-forth match from the start, both competitors traded blows and holds. But
as DDP gained the final momentum signaled for the Diamond Cutter, Raven appeared
in the stands and challenged the U.S. champ. Taking the bait, Page dropped from the
ring apron and chased Raven through the Miami Arena. As the ref counted Page out,
Buff glowed in his upset DQ victory. But not for long. After realizing he had been
counted out, DDP returned to the ring and delivered a nasty Diamond Cutter to the
NWO poser. Page retains his belt via the DQ loss.

Bill Goldberg d. Hammer
Foolishly taking to the top rope early in the match, the Flock enforcer's doubl axehandle
attempt was countered by a body spear takedown. Then Hammer got Jackhammered.

Ultimo Dragon d. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. w/ Eddie Guerrero
Wrestling in jeans, Chavo took the early momentum in the match with a number of new
and aggressive moves. However, the younger Guerrero missed on his tornado DDT
finisher and soonafter fell victim to the Dragon Sleeper. Post-match, Eddie lashed out at
Chavo for losing, again.

Lex Luger d. Barry Darsow
In a match between strong men, Luger showed why he is WCW's 'Total Package.'
Rebounding from a series of Darsaw punches and kicks, Luger delivered a number of
clotheslines and then locked on the Torture Rack for the solid victory.

Curt Hennig and Brian Adams w/ Rick Rude d. Davey Boy Smith and Jim
A back and forth match between four veterans eventually ends after Hennig manages to
hook the fisherman's suplex on Neidhart. Post match, all three NWO members took to
stomping on their opponents until Bret Hart ran ringside for the save. After clearing the
ring, Hart took to the mic and declared himself as WCW's 'new sherriff,' and promised
to restore order to the in-ring chaos the NWO has caused.

Chris Jericho d. Juventud Guerrera
WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
After proclaiming his sorrow for the sudden departure of Dean Malenko, Jericho found
himself on the downside of numerous Guerrera punches, chops and high-flying
maneuvers. Guerrera seemed to have the match locked up after delivering a vicious Juvi
driver on the cruiserweight champion. But as Guerrera took to the top rope to deliver
his 450 splash, Jericho exhibited the resilience that makes him a legitimate WCW force,
'Monday Night Jericho' schtick aside. Recovering in the nick of time, Jericho yanked on
the ropes, causing Guerrera to lose his balance. As both men struggled to regain their
momentum, Guerrera attempted a huracanrana off the top rope. But Jericho countered
the move immediately into the Liontamer submission. Demonstrating his 'Never
Surrender' mantra, Guerrera refused to tap out. Enter Prince Iaukea. Throwing in the
towel for the near-unconscious Luchador, Iaukea then attacked Jericho, clearing the
self-centered Canadian from the ring.

Scott Steiner w/ Vincent d. Sick Boy
One of the Flock's most aggresive but inexperienced members fell victim to the NWO's
newest veteran as Sick Boy eventually submitted to the painful Steiner Recliner.

Kevin Nash w/ Konnan vs. Sting
WCW World Heavyweight Title Match
The NWO's giant killer looked fantastic in his first WCW world heavyweight title
match. But so did Sting. An even battle saw both men deliver their trademark set up
moves. With help from Konnan, however, Nash reached the ropes while in the throes
of the Scorpion Deathlock, and eventually gained an advantage poised on victory. But
with Sting positioned to receive the Truckstop Powerbmomb, sudden spasms in Nash's
back prevented him from delivering the deadly finisher. At this crucial point in the
match, Hollywood Hogan ran to the ring, attacked Sting, and caused the DQ. Angry at
Hogan's interference while he still had the momentum, Nash confronted the NWO
godfather. As Sting recovered, the rest of the NWO ran to join the attack. This
prompted Roddy Piper and The Giant to enter the fray, clearing the ring of all
hostile-to-WCW combatants. As Sting, Piper, and Giant glowered in the ring, Nash
and Hogan glowered at each other, held apart by their NWO comrades.