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WCW Monday Nitro Report
October 19th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota

• The commentators announced The Four Horsemen were on their way to the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

• Saturn defeated Kenny Kaos (from High Voltage) with the Death Valley Driver.
-Kaos put up a good fight for Saturn, but it was his loss once he received the Death Valley Driver.

• Ernest Miller Interview (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
-Before the interview actually started, Gene Okerlund was fed up with Ernest Miller, and left. Miller was heavily booed. As Miller continued to brag, a fan ran-in, but was stopped by security. Miller asked the security to let the fan go, and they did. The fan confronted Miller, but was immediately knocked out with one of Miller's Spinning Heel Kicks.

• Psychosis, Hector Garza, Damian, and El Dandy (LWO) defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr., La Parka, Lizmark, Jr., Ciclope with Psychosis' Guillotine Leg Drop.
-A new twist was added to the LWO's entrance music, but basically similar to Eddie Guerrero's theme. The match turned out to be another face-paced, high-flying one. After La Parka surprisingly nailed his partners -- Damian and Ciclope -- with a chair, it let Psychosis execute the Guillotine Led Drop, for the LWO to take the win. Eddie Guerrero made his way down, and had La Parka join the LWO. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and his hobby horse, Pepe, stayed in the ring for a while, but soon left. Eddie taunted Eric Bischoff, and said the LWO was getting stronger.

• Kanyon defeated Scott Putski with the Flatliner.
-Kanyon wanted the crowd to say "nobody" was better then him, but their response was, "everybody." After Scott Putski missed the Polish Hammer, Kanyon took the finishing advantage, and used a combination of a Flapjack and the Flatliner to take the win.

• Scott Steiner Interview.
-Scott Steiner bragged about himself, and challenged anyone to come out and face him. Rick Steiner made his way out, and challenged Scott to a match. Scott did not accept, but Rick got him to wrestle. Rick was dominated his brother, until Scott low-blowed him. Scott beat Rick with a chair, until Buff Bagwell came out. Bagwell attempted to hit Scott with the chair, but then left in time.

• Fit Finley defeated The British Bulldog with the Tombstone Piledriver.
-As the match went on, Alex Wright made his way down. He hit The British Bulldog, letting Finley finish off the match with the Tombstone Piledriver. Afterwards, Finely attacked Wright.

• Chris Jericho Interview (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
-Chris Jericho basically bragged, and taunted Goldberg. Diamond Dallas Page made his way out, and challenged Jericho to a match that would happen later in the show. Jericho did not want to wrestle the match, but there was nothing he could do abou tit.

• Wrath defeated Tokyo Magnum with the Meltdown.
-Another easy win for Wrath, after the Meltdown.

• Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit defeated Disco Inferno and Alex Wright with Benoit's Crippler Cross-Face.
-It was originally supposed to be Super Calo and Silver King wrestling Disco Inferno and Alex Wright, but Malenko and Benoit took their places. Eric Bischoff did color commentary, and said Malenko and Benoit had no right to wrestle the match, and it would be the last time it ever happened. He announced after that night, The Four Horsemen would no longer be paid. Chris Benoit finished off the match after making Disco submit to the Crippler Cross-Face.

• Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Jericho went to a No Contest.
-As Diamond Dallas Page signaled for the Diamond Cutter, Goldberg ran-in. He speared Jericho, and as he set up the Jackhammer, DDP stopped him, and gave Jericho a Diamond Cutter instead. DDP and Goldberg had a staredown, but soon broken up.

• Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. went to a Time Limit Draw, letting Kidman retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. wrestled an excellent and close match, until time ran out. Kidman retained the Cruiserweight Title.

• The Mayor of Minneapolis came out, and introduced Kirby Puckett, John Randall, and Ric Flair. The mayor announced "today is 'Ric Flair Day'." Eric Bischoff made his way out, but was stopped by Kirby Pucket and John Randall. The mayor told off Bischoff. Bischoff was told to leave the area by security, and his car was towed out of the arena.

• Scott Norton, Scott Hall, and Stevie Ray vs. Lex Luger and Konnan resulted in a No Contest.
-Kevin Nash was shown backstage extremely drunk, and he made his way down. He got in the ring, and did a toast with Scott Hall, until Nash turned over his cup, showing nothing was in it, and proving he wasn't drunk. Nash then attacked Hall, and the match got out of control.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview.
-Hollywood Hogan called out Horace, and then the rest of NWO-Hollywood. Hogan said he loves Horace, because they are blood and family. But by time we knew it, Hogan started to attack Horace. Horace was placed in a stretcher, but Hogan knocked him off it. The Warrior then ran into the ring, with a baseball bat, and scared off everyone. Hogan then distracted The Warrior, letting The Giant catch Warrior with a Chokeslam. Hogan spraypainted "NWO" on the back of Warrior's back, and gave him three leg drops.

• Bret Hart and Sting went to a No Contest.
-Bret Hart first taunted Sting, and called him out, causing a match to get underway. Sting dominated the match. He got Bret Hart in the Scorpian Deathlock. Hart reached the ropes but wouldn't let go. Stevie Ray and Vincent interfered, but were easily taken out by Sting. Sting then chased after Hart to the locker room area.