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WCW Monday Nitro Report
October 12th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Chicago, Illinois

• Eric Bischoff was talking to approximately 10 security guards, telling them not to let Ric Flair into the arena.

• Wrath vs. Lodi
-Before the match, two main event bouts were announced: Goldberg vs. The Giant for the Heavyweight Title in a No Disqualification Match and Scott Hall, Stevie Ray, and Scott Norton vs. Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, and Konnan. In the match, Wrath easily took the victory with the Meltdown. Afterward, as Wrath walked back to the locker room, Meng walked right up to him. The two brawled around the aisle.
*Winner: Wrath via Pinfall

• Dale Torborg vs. Kendall Windham
-After Dale Torborg hit a Jumping Kick, he took the win. However, Torborg had injured his left knee in the process of the Jumping Kick.
*Winner: Dale Torborg via Pinfall

• Sting Interview.
-Sting called out both Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan. Instead, The Warrior appeared by the entrance-way, and said he had a one-time request. He demanded that he stand beside Sting, to take on Hart and Hogan later in the show.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview (w/Eric Bischoff and The Giant).
-Hollywood Hogan said the reason The Giant would take on Goldberg for the Heavyweight Title in a No Disqualification Match because NWO-Hollywood was sick of Goldberg. Hogan said he had just had a talk with Bret Hart, and accepted the challenge from Sting and The Warrior.

• As Eric Bischoff walked back to the locker room, he was told by a security guard The Four Horsemen had arrived. Bischoff went outside, where all the security guards were. The Four Horsemen arrived, with the owner of the United Center inside. The owner said he was in control of the building, and The Four Horsemen would be allowed into the arena. The secuirty guards let The Four Horsemen and the owner walk by. Bischoff was shouting out that he would sue the owner.

• Fit Finley vs. Alex Wright
-Before the match, Wright said he's going to end Finley's career as Finley ended his father's career. Wright was able to win the match after rolling up Finley, putting his legs on the rope to gain extra leverage. The British Bulldog, seeing this, came down and attacked Wright. After Wright had left, Finley actually hit the Bulldog and left the ring.
*Winner: Wright via Pinfall

• The Four Horsemen, along with United Center owner, McCarther and a few lovely ladies were shown, partying in the sky box.

• Ciclope, La Parka, and Villano V vs. Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Psychosis
-This was another typical Lucha Libre match, with wrestlers flying everywhere. I think Zbyszko put best, describing the match as a "demolition derby." Guerrero finally won the match for his team after hitting Ciclope with a Tornado DDT. Afterwards, the LWO came down. Eddie Guerrero once again said that Bischoff is paying the luchadores peanuts a match and doesn't respect them at all. Eddie pleaded with Psychosis to join up with them, which he eventually did.
*Winners: Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., and Psychosis via Pinfall

• Scott Steiner came to the ring. Steiner first insulted Chicago's baseball team, the Cubs. He then talked about the incident with Judy Bagwell, saying she had embarrassed Buff last week. He said that Buff understands that his mother has to stay home, and that they're very close now. However, at that point, Buff and Judy Bagwell came to the ring. Buff said that they've not worked out anything and they do have a problem. Steiner said the only problem is that he could break his neck in a second. Buff said that it's Steiner's fault that this had all gone so far. After Steiner had called him soft, Bagwell challenged him to a one-on-one match. Steiner then insulted his mother and told him to get his mother out of there before he slaps her. Bagwell then nailed Steiner, but Steiner then delivered a low blow to him. Judy then stood over her son as Steiner told both of them off.

• Juventud Guerrera vs. Prince Iaukea
-During the match, Disco Inferno came down, who was quickly followed by Kidman, carrying a chair. The two then left as quickly as they had came. A few moments later, however, Disco once again came to the ring, looking out for Kidman as well. As Guerrera went for the 450 degree splash, Disco came over and knocked him off the ropes. Iaukea then nailed Disco off the ring. Guerrera then caught Iaukea and delivered the Juvi Driver for the win. On the outside, Kidman had caught up to Disco and the two battled until commercial break.
*Winner: Guerrera by Pinfall

• Kevin Nash came down to the ring. Nash said that Scott Hall has touched his last nerve. He said that he was a bouncer before he became a wrestler and he's real good at beating up a drunk. He then called out Scott Hall. Hall then came onto the entrance way, drunk, holding a beer. Hall said that he'll fight him, but not there. He said he'll fight him "down there," pointing to his crotch. Hall left and Nash ran after him all the way outside. Hall had gotten into a limousine and Nash jumped into his car and chased him.

• Chris Jericho vs. Raven - *WCW TV Title Match* and *Raven's Rules*
-A chair came into play during the match, as it was used by both of the wrestlers. As Raven went to go for his Even-Flow, Jericho reversed it and slapped on the Lion Tamer for the victory.
*Winner: Jericho via Submission

• Gene Okerlund interviewed Rick Steiner. As Steiner started to talk about his brother, Chucky from "Child's Play" came over the airing, laughing once again. He finally started to talk and made fun of Steiner, saying he's been playing with dolls all his life, etc. The segment was basically used to hype up "Chucky's" new movie, "Bride of Chucky." Chucky said that Scott Steiner was going to be in one of his movies and that Rick had better not mess with him.

• Eric Bischoff came down to the ring. Bischoff said that he owns the building tonight because he runs WCW and that he leased the building. He said he doesn't care if Flair is friends with McCarther, he wants Flair gone. Bischoff then called out Doug Dillenger and J.J. Dillon, who came promptly the ring. Bischoff demanded that Dillenger take him up to Flair right now. They then went through the crowd, enroute to the luxury box. After a few minutes, Bischoff, Dillenger, and Dillon finally made their way up to the suite. However, they were met with security officials that wouldn't let him in. However, the officials finally knocked on the door, which prompted McCarther out of the box. He told Bischoff that this is his arena and his sky box and the arena belongs to him and the horsemen tonight. Bischoff, however, continued to say the arena was his. Bischoff then pushed McCarther, which prompted security officials to tackle Bischoff, handcuff him, and send him out of the arena. Flair looked on in enjoyment as security took him away.

• Bischoff was shown being taken to an on-waiting police car, shouting out that "He's the president," and "I want my lawyer."

• Giant vs. Goldberg - *WCW Heavyweight Title Match* and *No Disqualification Match*
-As Goldberg was about to spear Giant, Stevie Ray came in and nailed Goldberg was a chair. However, it did not faze him whatsoever. However, The Giant then caught him with a choke-slam. As he went for the pin, Dallas Page entered and broke up the pin count. The Giant went to choke-slam Page, but Goldberg speared him. Page then delivered the Diamond Cutter to Stevie Ray. At that point, Giant and Ray left the ringside area.
*Winner: Goldberg by Count Out (150-0)

• The Four Horsemen were once again shown partying in the luxury suite.

• Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart vs. The Warrior and Sting
-Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan used nice team work to wear-down Sting for the majority of the match. However, as soon as Sting made the tag to the Warrior, Warrior took all the momentum back for his team. Hogan then entered and hit Warrior from behind. This had no effect however, and NWO members then ran to the aid of Hogan. NWO members did a number on both The Warrior and Sting. As the ring filled with smoke, Warrior was thrown out of the ring, but Sting appeared with his baseball bat and totally dismantled the NWO members. Warrior and Sting then attacked the NWO members on the outside of the ring.
*Winners: The Warrior and Sting by Disqualification