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WCW Monday Nitro Report
October 5th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Columbia, South Carolina

• It was announced Bret Hart and Sting would go one-on-one for the United States Title later in the show.

• Match 1- Saturn vs. Lizmark, Jr.
-Saturn dominated Lizmark, Jr. and easily finished him off with the Death Valley Driver.
*Winner: Saturn via Pinfall

• Match 2- Ernest Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi (w/Sonny Onoo)
-Ernest Miller gave Kaz Hayashi (actually calling him Jackie Chan) five seconds to leave, but Hayashi remained in the ring. After Miller nailed Hayashi with a kick as Hayashi executed a top-rope maneuver, Miller took the finishing advantage. Miller finished off the match with a simple Round-Kick to the chest of Hayashi. Afterwards, Miller bragged about being the greatest. Sonny Onoo seemed interested in recruiting Miller, and agreed Miller was the greatest.
*Winner: Miller via Pinfall

• Match 3- Juventud Guerrera vs. Jerry Flynn
-During the match, Disco Inferno did color commentary (taking Mike Tenay's position), basically complaining about how Juventud Guerrera got him busted for being over the Cruiserweight limit. Juvi and Jerry Flynn put up a very physical match. Juvi took the win after the Juvi Driver.
*Winner: Guerrera via Pinfall

• When returning from a commercial break, Bobby Heenan temporarily took Mike Tenay's commentating position. According to Tony Schiavone, Tenay was making an important phone call.

• Match 4- Wrath vs. Villano V
-Wrath's quickness was great. After the Meltdown, the match was over.
*Winner: Wrath via Pinfall

• The Wolfpac arrived at the arena in a Hummer Limousine. The four members then proceeded to enter the wrestler dressing rooms, eventually making their way to the NWO-Hollywood locker room. Several members of the NWO-Hollywood then got involved in a brawl with the Wolfpac, which lasted for several minutes. Sting then dragged Scott Steiner to a hallway and began to attack him. Bagwell attempted to help out, but was taken by Konnan from behind. Eventually, Sting entered the locker room of Bret Hart and the two then began a fight, which was eventually broken up by security officials.

• Back from commercial, The Wolfpac members went to the parking lot where the NWO-Hollywood Limousine was parked. Sting then took a fork-lift, picked up the Limousine and dropped it to the ground. Wolfpac members then proceeded to completely destroy the limousine.

• Match 5- Damian vs. Hector Garza
-During the match, Eddie Guerrero came down to the ring with a microphone. Guerrero asked both Garza and Damian what Bischoff has done for them and he told them that he has done nothing for them. He said that all the Mexicans have the share a rental car and a hotel room. He said that they couldn't get respect by themselves, but if they worked together they could. He then introduced the "Latino World Order," or the "L.W.O." The logo was a green L, a white W, and a red O. Basicall the same as the New World Order logo, but in different colors. He then gave Damian and Garza one shirt each, which they proudly put on.
*Result: No Contest

• Mike Tenay talked to Kevin Nash backstage. Nash said that they're going to go look for Scott Hall at some local bars and when they find him, what they did to the NWO earlier will pale in comparison to what will happen when they find him. The Wolfpac members the left, which Tenay and a camera man following them.

• Match 6- Psychosis vs. Kidman - *WCW Cruiserweight Title Match*
-Both individuals used high-risk maneuvers to get momentum in the match, but, in some cases, they hurt themselves in the process. Both individuals also nearly won the match on several different occasions, coming within a second of winning. After a frankensteiner attempt was missed by Psychosis, Kidman executed the Shooting Star Press for the victory.
*Winner: Kidman via Pinfall

• In some pre-recorded comments, Warrior went on to talk about the past between himself and Hollywood Hogan, commenting on the match they had at Toronto Skydome. Warrior basically said that his peacefulness and goodness will conquer Hogan's evilness at their upcoming match at Halloween Havoc.

• Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner came down to the ring. Steiner said that there's not a greater athlete than him and that he made the Steiner brothers famous and he'll prove it at Halloween Havoc. After Bagwell mocked Rick Steiner, Rick came down to the ring with microphone in hand. Rick called them both sissies. He talked about how this was the place where Bagwell laid for 3 hours, paralyzed. Rick then introduced Buff's mother, Judy. Judy took the microphone, got in Buff's face, and scolded Bagwell for parading around and turning on her, his father, and all the fans that supported him while he was in the hospital. Buff then took the microphone and told his mother that he's the reason that she can eat, saying that he supports the whole family. Judy Bagwell then got into Bagwell's face and slapped him, knocking him to the canvas. She and Scott Steiner then got into a confrontation, which prompted Rick Steiner to take down Scott. Judy then took Buff by the ear and dragged him backstage.

• Back from commercial, we saw that Scott Steiner and Brian Adams both attacked Rick Steiner during the commercial break.

• Match 7- Rick Steiner vs. Brian Adams (w/Scott Steiner)
-Steiner interered in the match, which prompted J.J. Dillon and a few security officials to escort him backstage and out of the match. Adams dominated the less than 100% Rick Steiner through the entire match. After Steiner took back the momentum in the match, Steiner won the match with the Flying Bulldog from the middle rope.
*Winner: Steiner via Pinfall

• Wolfpac members and Mike Tenay arrived at an area bar. The men went into the arena and attempted to find Scott Hall. However, their search was for not, as Hall was not in the bar.

• Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to the ring. Hogan said that he's been looking for the Warrior all night, but hasn't seen him. He said he saw the fear in Warrior's eyes in the comments he made earlier in the show. Hogan then challenged Warrior to come down to the ring. He said Warrior probably wouldn't come down, but would be contractually obligated to face his "worst fear" at Havoc. He said he's going to bury him in the legacy of the O.W.N. at Havoc. Hogan considered Warrior as his first step to the World title.

• Match 8- Kanyon (w/Raven) vs. Diamond Dallas Page
-During the match, Lodi came down to the ring and pleaded with Kanyon to take him back. With that happening, Page jumped over the ropes and on to Lodi and Kanyon. From behind, Raven then took Page and executed a version of the Diamond Cutter. However, when Kanyon pinned Page, he could only get a two count. As Page was going to execute the Diamond Cutter, Lodi ran in, distracting Page. Raven then attacked Page from behind and nailed him with a microphone. At that point, Goldberg ran down and took out Lodi with a Jackhammer as Page nailed Raven with a Diamond Cutter. The two men then stood face-to-face. J.J. Dillon came down and convinced the two to wait until Havoc.
*Winner: Page by Disqualification

• The Wolfpac and Mike Tenay arrived at yet another bar, looking for Scott Hall. This search, however, came up with the same results as the last. Scott Hall was no where to be found.

• Match 9- The Disciple vs. Lenny Lane
-Lane's offensive moves had little or no effect on the Disciple. The Disciple easily won the match with the Apocalypse. After the match, Disciple said he's on his own now and forever and is through carrying Hogan's bags.
*Winner: Disciple by Pinfall

• As The Disciple left backstage, Hogan and Bischoff followed him to the backstage area. However, Hogan's search came up empty. However, in a nearby mirror, an image of the Warrior appeared. Hogan started to talk to it as Bischoff questioned who he was talking to. The image of the Warrior eventually faded as Bischoff told the cameras to leave.

• The Wolfpac and Tenay arrived at yet another bar. When Nash questioned someone if Hall was inside, they said he was. When Nash finally found Hall, he attacked him and the two began to brawl on a nearby pool table. Nash and Hall then went into Men's room and the door was the closed. When it was opened, it was shown that Nash had stuffed Hall's head down the toilet.

• Eric Bischoff came to the ring. Bischoff started to talk about Ric Flair. Bischoff apologized for Flair, saying that he would not be in the building tonight. At that point, Arn Anderson came down to the ring. Anderson said that he had some good news for everyone tonight, saying that Flair is here tonight. Bischoff said that he couldn't come out, but Anderson defied the authority and asked Flair to come out. However, Ric did not come out, but his son, Reid came down with Anderson to the ring. Reid said that they were here to handle his Dad's "light work." Bischoff yelled at both of them to leave the ring and get out of here, but Reid then took Bischoff down twice. Anderson said that he better call the Juvenile court because Bischoff just got taken down by a 10 year old.

• Back from commercial, Bischoff was pacing around the ring, saying that he wants Flair in that ring. Elizabeth had joined him and was calling Flair on the phone. Bischoff talked to Beth Flair on the phone, and it seemed that Beth was saying some rather derogatory comments to Bischoff. Bischoff continued to ask Flair, and he got his wish, as Flair came down to the ring. At that point, NWO members came down and surrounded the ring. This caused the other horsemen members to come to his aid. Seeing this, the NWO members, including Bischoff left the ring and went backstage. Dave Flair and Reid Flair then got into the ring and gave the horsemen signal with the rest of the horsemen.

• Match 10- Sting vs. Bret Hart - *U.S. Title Match*
-After Hart had gotten about half way down the entrance way, Hart turned right back around and went backstage. Sting then ran after Hart into the back and attacked him from behind. Sting used several weapons to his advantage backstage. Hart then took down Sting and suplexed him through a table. He then took a trashcan and tossed it onto Sting. Hart then put a chair on Sting's leg and dropped the trashcan on it. The fight then went back into a programming office, sending people running out of there. After Sting had put Hart in the Scorpion Death Lock, Doug Dillenger and security finally came down and were able to calm the two men down.
*Result: No Contest