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WCW Monday Nitro Report
September 28th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Rochester, New York

• Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, and Brian Adams came out to the ring.
Hogan first said that he brought WCW from a Hillbilly Wrestling promotion to a promotion that got $100,000's of revenue for them. He said he's all about the almighty dollar. He said that he's on a mission, and when he takes the Warrior down, it'll be the first major move to get his title back. Hogan then issued a challenge out to Sting and Hart to come out and face him later in the night. Hogan said that him and the black and white are taking over WCW, starting tonight.

• Match 1- La Parka vs. Super Calo
-La Parka, the so-called "Chairman of WCW" brought his trademark steal chair to the ring. After La Parka slammed Calo to the mat, he went to the top and executed a Cork-screw Moonsault for the victory. Afterwards, Calo took La Parka's chair and nailed him with it several times.
*Winner: La Parka by Pinfall

• Gene Okerlund interviewed Bret Hart. Hart said he's been waiting to tangle with Hogan for a long time now and that he's going to pay for misleading him in the past. He said that Hogan will be a zero and Hart will be a hero for everyone.

• Match 2- The Disciple vs. Sick Boy
-The Disciple walked quickly to the ring, still wearing his O.W.N vest. The Disciple was very excited and pumped up during the match. Nothing Sick Boy did to him would effect him. Disciple was able to take the victory after hitting the Apocalypse.
*Winner: Disciple by Pinfall

• Match 3- Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) vs. Lenny Lane and Nick Densmore - *Handicap Match*
-Steiner took the microphone and said he's the biggest and most powerful man in the world. Bagwell also interfered in the match to help out Steiner. After Steiner Tiger-bombed Densmore onto Lane, he executed a Double-Steiner Recliner on both opponents for the win. Afterwards, Steiner appeared to be injured, saying that he hurt his back.
*Winner: Steiner by Submission

• The Warrior came down to the ring. Warrior said that Hogan disappoints him and that he needs to face the Ultimate challenge. A fan attempted to enter the ring, but security was able to keep him away from the Warrior. He said that at Halloween Havoc, Hogan will once again feel the power of the Warrior.

• Okerlund interviewed Buff Bagwell. Bagwell said that he just put Steiner into an ambulance and that he's on the way to the hospital. During the interview, that strange laughter we've been hearing for the past few weeks started up again. Bagwell said that he doesn't know if Scott will be ready for his match with Rick Steiner at Halloween Havoc.

• Match 4- Psychosis vs. Ernest Miller
-Miller, once again gave the option to Psychosis to either leave the ring within 5 seconds or Miller will give Psychosis a beating of a lifetime. Psychosis, however, didn't understand what he said. Miller then leveled Psychosis with a Standing Heel Kick. After Psychosis missed his Guillotine leg drop, Miller dropped Psychosis with a Spinning Heel Kick for the victory.
*Winner: Miller by Pinfall

• Okerlund attempted to interviewed Alex Wright. However, as soon as Wright got out there, he took the microphone away from Okerlund and began to insult Okerlund and Rochester. He said that The British Bulldog is backstage, shaking like a leaf. He called him spineless for not coming out to his challenge last week. He then challenged The Bulldog once again to a match for later in the night.

• Match 5- Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Disco Inferno
-As the referee was distracted, Disco took Chavo's horse, "Pepe" and nailed Chavo with it for the victory. Afterwards, Juventud Guerrera came down and attacked Inferno. However, Disco eventually took down Guerrera with his piledriver.
*Winner: Disco Inferno by Pinfall

• Okerlund interviewed The Four Horsemen. Before the Horsemen were actually able to talk, Eric Bischoff, along with Stevie Ray and security officials came down. Doug Dillenger also came down to the ring. Bischoff told The Horsemen to leave the ring immediately. He also told Dillenger that he was to be escorted out for letting the Horsemen pass on previous shows last week. Bischoff also talked down to Flair, saying that Flair used his son, Reid as an excuse for not working.

• Match 6- Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg
-Jericho was escorted by three guys to the ring, ala Goldberg. Jericho was going to once again fight the "little" Goldberg, but the actual Goldberg came out, holding the smaller Goldberg on his shoulder. As soon as Jericho saw that Goldberg was in the ring, he threw his two "security officials" at him. However, Goldberg speared both of them, leading to Jericho leaving the ring. Goldberg then Jackhammered one of the "security officials."
*Result: No Contest

• Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. Page said that he's not getting into the ring with someone he hates. He said that he's going to be on another level at Halloween Havoc. He said that's he going to be "for real" at Havoc.

• Match 7- Scott Hall w/Vincent vs. Kidman
-Hall did not appear to be "drunk" tonight. However, Hall attempted to take a drink from Vincent but Vincent wouldn't allow Hall to have it. Hall dominated Kidman until Hall concerned himself with the drink that Vincent was holding. When Hall went to the outside to take the drink away, Kidman attacked him from behind and began to take down Hall. After Kidman was able to squeeze out of one Outsider's Edge, Hall finally won the match with the Outsider's Edge.
*Winner: Hall by Pinfall

• Match 8- The British Bulldog vs. Alex Wright
-Before the match, Bulldog said that he's loved in Germany and he told Wright to "Suck It." As The Bulldog went up for the Running Power Slam, he inadvertently hit the referee with Wright's foot. Bulldog executed the maneuver, but their was no referee to count. Following that, Charles Robinson came down to ref. Silverman was then awoken when Wright hit a German Suplex. Both Robinson and Silverman made a count and Robinson gave the win to Bulldog and Silverman gave the win to Wright. On the replay, it was shown that both men got their shoulder up.
*Result: No Contest

• Match 9- Brian Adams vs. Kevin Nash
-Nash dominated Adams and just as Nash was about to finish off Adams with the Jackknife, Stevie Ray came out and nailed him in the back off of the head with a slapjack. Ray and Vincent then nailed Nash, leading Hall out to the ring to join in on the beating. At that point, Luger and Konnan came down and made the save for Nash.
*Winner: Nash by Disqualification

• Match 10- Konnan and Lex Luger vs. Barry Darsow and Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart)
-As Konnan attempted a Tequila Sunrise, Darsow came in and saved Morrus. However, only a few moment later, Luger racked Darsow for the victory as Konnan strapped Morrus in the Tequila Sunrise.
*Winners: Konnan and Luger by Submission

• Match 11- Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Bret Hart
-Hogan used Hart's injured knee to his advantage as he attacked it repeatedly throughout the match. As Hogan continued to attack the knee of Hart, Sting came down to the ring and pushed Hogan off of Hart. Konnan and Luger then came down and helped Bret Hart out of the ring. Hart, however, still wanted to get at Hogan. Sting then got into the ring and a match between those two started after Sting nailed Hogan.
*Result: No Contest

• Match 12- Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan
-During the match, we saw Hart being wheeled by Konnan and Luger into a an on-waiting ambulance. However, before they could get get him in there, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell came out of the ambulance and attacked Konnan and Luger. Hart couldn't help them as he was strapped in the stretcher. Steiner then unstrapped him and Hart then left and went towards the ring. Back in the ring, Hogan and Sting continued to fight with Sting finally taking the control. As he had Hogan in the Scorpion Death Lock, Hart came into the ring and DDT'ed Sting. Hart's knee injury was a farce. Hart then continued to attack Sting and put him in the Sharpshooter as Hogan happily watched on. Hogan got a chair and nailed Sting with it and Hart executed the Figure Four around the ring post on Sting. Hogan and Hart then embraced as Konnan came down to the outside of the ring. Konnan then carried away Sting.
*Result: No Contest