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WCW Monday Nitro Report
September 21st 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Boston, Massachusetts

• Before the show officially kicked off, Scott Hall walked into the arena, drunk, saying someone wrecked his cary. Security official, Doug Dillenger, explained to Hall he wasn't in good condition to be at the arena. Hall, however, said he was ready to go, as he and Stevie Ray would take on Kevin Nash and Lex Luger in the feature bout.

• As the commentators announced Goldberg would celebrate his one-year victory on Nitro, the ring lit up with smoke. When the smoke cleared, an unconscious Disciple was seen in the ring. The entire NWO-Hollywood stable made their ways out. As they entered the ring, it lit up with smoke once again. This time, The Disciple was gone. The Warrior was spotted high upon the arena, surprisingly with the unconscious Disciple by his side. Hogan and The Warrior taunted each other. Warrior announced he would take away everything that was of value of Hogan. The Warrior continued to taunt Hogan.

• Match - Fit Finley vs. Barry Darsow
-Barry Darsow was able to get a few shots on Fit Finley. However, the returning Finley took the overall advantage, and finished off the match with the Tombstone Piledriver.
*Winner: Finley via Pinfall

• Match - Wrath vs. Nick Dinsmore
-Wrath dominated the match and easily finished off Nick Dinsmore with the Meltdown. Afterwards, Wrath continued to pound on Dinsmore.
*Winner: Wrath via Pinfall

• Match - Rick Steiner vs. Rick Fuller
-Before the match, Shawn Stockman, from the Boyz II Men music band, was shown in the crowd, wearing a Wolfpac T-Shirt. Rick Steiner quickly took the match, after the Bulldog from the top-rope. Afterwards, Steiner claimed he never lost a match to his brother, Scott Steiner, which basically stated he would defeat his brother at Halloween Havoc. He also made it clear he would make sure Buff Bagwell would have no part of the match. As WCW went to a commercial break, that laughing voice was heard again over the speakers.
*Winner: Rick Steiner via Pinfall

• Hollywood Hogan made his way out, along with Eric Bischoff, Vincent, and Stevie Ray. He called out The Warrior, and said that it was between he and him -- not The Disciple. The Warrior popped out by the entranceway, and told Hogan to follow him. Hogan walked backstage, into his locker room. The walls were filled with OWN (One Warrior Nation) logos, and were lit on fire. Hogan walked into his bathroom, only to find The Disciple laying on the floor. As Hogan walked in the bathroom cautionly, it lit up with smoke. When it cleared up, The Disciple was gone.

• Match - Raven and Saturn vs. Villano IV and V
-Before the match, Raven complained about his Flock leaving him. As Raven and Kanyon nailed Villano IV with a combination of a Powerbomb and Neckbreaker, Villano IV severely injured his neck. Raven and Kanyon helped out Villano IV, while other trainers making their ways down. The refere called the match. Villano IV, amazingly, got right back up, and walked to the locker room, with help from his partner and trainers.
*Result: No Contest

• Pre-recorded footage was shown of Disco Inferno trying to lose weight to the Cruiserweight limit. A trainer was weighing Disco in a weight-room. Disco remained over the Cruiserweight limit -- even when he took his shoes off. Disco continued to work out, just to get a Cruiserweight Title shot at Kidman.

• Alex Wright came out to the ring. Wright first insulted all the Americans in the crowd. He said he's sick of the country, the people in it, and WCW. He said Diamond Dallas Page disgusted him the most. Wright then issued a challenge to Page for a match later in the night. If Wright could beat Page, the stipulation would be that he would take Page's title shot against Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. After Wright continued to call out Page, Page finally walked to the ring, through the crowd.

• Match - Alex Wright vs. Diamond Dallas Page
-As soon as Page entered the ring, Wright attacked him and dominated Page in the early portions of the match. However, out of nowhere, Page was able to hit Wright with a Diamond Cutter for the victory.
*Winner: Page via Pinfall

• Okerlund interviewed Page. Page said everybody wants to be the champ. Page said Goldberg quickly rose to glory while he has had to fight for everything he's ever gotten. He said that he and Goldberg both have huge hearts, and that at Havoc, Page will bring every ounce of heart he has because he knows Goldberg will do the same.

• Match - Lenny Lane vs. Ernest Miller
-Before the match, Miller told Lane that he can easily take him down, but he will give him five seconds to leave. As Lane was about to leave the ring, Miller stopped him. Lane said he didn't want to fight him if he didn't have to. Miller then wanted to shake his hand, and when he did, Miller kicked Lane in the throat. During the match, Scott Hall, in a drunk stupor, came down to the ring. Hall waited outside the ring and wanted to wrestle the main event match. Dusty Rhodes came down and told Hall that he's going to throw his entire career out if he continues like this. Rhodes then escorted a defiant Scott Hall backstage. Back in the ring, Miller won the match with a Spinning Round-house Kick.
*Winner: Miller via Pinfall

• Backstage, Disco Inferno continued to workout, trying to get below the Cruiserweight weight limit. When the WCW official came back with the scale, Inferno had dropped below the Cruiserweight weight limit.

• Match - Jerry Flynn vs. Saturn
-During the match, Saturn went to the outside and set up a table at ringside. Only a few minutes later, the table finally came into play. After Saturn threw Flynn into the outside steal corner, he set him up on the table and executed a splash from the top. Saturn then rolled him into the ring and executed the Death Valley Driver for the win.
*Winner: Saturn via Pinfall

• Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell came to the ring. Steiner said that nobody in Boston knows how to win, especially their sports teams. He said "Boston Sucks." He said Hogan has sent him out here to find out what's going on with Bret Hart and where he stands. Steiner said that Hart doesn't have the option of leaving, only the NWO tells him when to leave. He then called Hart out to the ring. At that point, Bret Hart with a knee brace around his right knee, came down to the ring. As soon as Hart entered the ring, Bagwell and Steiner quickly attacked the knee of Bret Hart. A few moments later, Sting came down and chased off the NWO members, saving Hart. As Scott Steiner was standing on the outside, Rick Steiner attacked his brother and chased him backstage.

• Match - Disco Inferno vs. Kidman - *WCW Cruiserweight Title Match*
-Inferno was very winded after training for 2 hours before the match. Kidman dominated the match for a very long time, but every time Kidman would attempt a pin, Inferno kicked out. During the match, Lodi came down to the ring and pleaded with Kidman to come back with him. With Kidman distracted by Lodi, Inferno came up from behind and delivered a piledriver. However, Kidman kicked out a pin attempt just in time. Following that, both individuals came within a fraction of a second of winning the match at several points. Kidman finally won this match after nailing Inferno with the Shooting Star Press. Following the match, the strange laughter once again returned.
*Winner: Kidman via Pinfall

• Match - Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Konnan
-Konnan did his usual theatrics to warm up the crowd before the match. Guerrero then took the microphone and said that everyone loves him just as much as Konnan. He then asked Konnan if he could be in the Wolfpac and Konnan shook his head. Guerrero then wanted Kevin Nash to come down, but Konnan quickly attacked Guerrero to start the match. Once the fight took to the outside of the ring, Konnan used both a chair and the steal ring steps to get the momentum back in the match. Konnan was finally able to win the long, grueling match after making Guerrero submit to the Tequila Sunrise.
*Winner: Konnan via Submission

• Eric Bischoff and Elizabeth came to the ring. Bischoff said he has built the largest and most successful wrestling organization in American and tomorrow he'll go to Japan and do the same. Bischoff then said that Flair won't be on Nitro. He said Flair made a mistake in believing that he can wrestle on his show. He said as far as he's concerned, he'll never wrestle again. He told Flair that the last thing he needs is to be wrestling at his age. Only a few minutes later, the New Horsemen theme hit the air and Ric Flair and the rest of the horsemen came down to the ring. However, Doug Dillenger and security prevented Flair and horsemen from getting to the ring. However, Flair was somehow able to talk Dillenger into letting him and the horsemen pass. The five men then entered the ring. Flair called Bischoff a liar for saying Flair wasn't going to be there and that the horsemen were dead. Bischoff continued to taunt Flair into hitting him, but Flair wouldn't do it. He said he wanted to, but it's not going to happen tonight. He said the only reason he wouldn't hit him is because he doesn't have another 2 million dollars. Flair brought up the fact that Bischoff wouldn't let him see his son in a National wrestling tournament. In response to that, Flair told Bischoff to "Suck it." Flair told Bischoff that he's sitting on a big contract because of guys like himself, Arn, Hall, Luger, and Sting. Bischoff told Flair there's no room in WCW for him. Flair then brought up the fact that he introduced Hogan to Flair. Bischoff said that Flair has done nothing compared to what Hogan has done for the industry. Flair then said that he and the horsemen will be in Norfolk for Thunder, much to the chagrin of Bischoff. The segment ended with all members of the horsemen holding up the horsemen hand signal in the face of Bischoff.

• Match - The Giant and Stevie Ray vs. Lex Luger and Kevin Nash
-The Giant filled in for Scott Hall who was in no condition to wrestle the match. During the match, Scott Hall came over the commentator's booth. Hall questioned why he wasn't being able to wrestle tonight. Hall said he carried Nash his entire career and he is going to show how tough Nash really is. He then slowly walked towards the ring. As the referee attempted to keep Hall out of the ring, Hall simply took him and threw him out of the ring. Hall then motioned for Luger to tag in Nash, which he did. Nash then punched Hall once and Hall fell flat on his face. From there, The Giant came in and nailed Nash from behind. Stevie Ray and The Giant then left the ring after Luger came back with chair. Hall once again tried to attack Nash, but Nash simply threw him over the ropes. As Ray and Giant helped Hall backstage, Nash took the microphone and told Hall he lost his best friend because he doesn't know who he is anymore. Nash then challenged Hall to a match for Halloween Havoc, which Hall appeared to have accepted.
*Result: No Contest

• Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to the ring. Hogan immediately told The Warrior to come down to the ring. Warrior then appeared in the entrance way. From behind the Warrior, The Disciple appeared and stood next to him. Disciple then turned around, showing that "OWN" was written on the back of his vest. Disciple is apparently now on the side of The Warrior and the One Warrior Nation. Hogan was shocked at these turn of events.