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WCW Monday Nitro Report
September 14th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Greenville, South Carolina

• Mike Tenay was standing by at an Airport near Greenville. He said that it was rumored that Ric Flair would be coming to Nitro and was in a near-by Limousine. When he attempted to interview the Limousine driver, the driver simply drove away. He then attempted to interview a crew member on the Private Jet. However, the crew member declined to comment if Flair was the one that got off of the Jet.

• Match 1- Alex Wright vs. Van Hammer
-During the match, Ernest Miller came down to the ring. As Hammer was on the outside of the ring, looking into the ring, Miller came up from behind and delivered a karate kick to the head of Hammer. He then got into the ring, causing Wright to leave the ring. Miller took the microphone and said that he's the greatest and that nobody can beat him. Security officials then came down, hand-cuffed Miller, and escorted him out of the arena. As Nitro went to commercial, Dillenger and the rest of security put him into a waiting police car.
*Result: No Contest

• Gene Okerlund interviewed Bret Hart. Hart came down to the ring, limping on his right leg. The leg was heavily bandaged. Hart first said that he's made a jackass of himself for the longest time. He told Hogan that he's "full of crap." He said that his doctors are telling him that it will be a while before he can wrestle again. He said he doesn't deserve the U.S. Title as he didn't earn it. He told Hogan that when he comes back he's going to make Hogan's life a living hell. At that point, Roddy Piper came to the ring. Piper got right into Hart's face and pointed out to Hart how he was hurting everyone, including his family. He called Bret's father a great fighter, and called Bret one also. He told Hart to prove to the people what he is, and not to let them down again. He asked America to forgive Bret Hart. Piper then left the ring. Hart then asked the people to give him another chance.

• Match 2- Saturn vs. Kendell Windham
-Windham actually dominated the early portions of the match as he seemed to have a counter for everything Saturn would try to execute. Windham nearly won the match on several occasions, but Saturn was able to kick out just as the count had gotten to three. However, Saturn finally took the momentum back in the later portions of the match, winning with the Death Valley Driver. Afterwards, Raven appeared in the stands, along with Kanyon, and told Riggs, Horace, Lodi, and Sick Boy, who had come to the ring, to come back with him. Saturn then took a microphone and pleaded with the Ex-Flock members not to go back with Raven. He told them that they all have potential to be great stars in this sport. After a few minutes of deliberation, The Ex-Flock members decided to go on there own and not join up with Raven again.
Winner: Saturn by Pinfall

• Match 3- Wrath vs. The Renegade
-Wrath had little trouble with The Renegade, defeating him with the Meltdown.
*Winner: Wrath by Pinfall

• Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, The Disciple, and Elizabeth came to the ring. Hogan said that his fans can't stand sissies and cowards. He told Hart and Piper to sit on the porch as they weren't in the same league as him anyway. He called The Warrior a coward for not facing him. He said everyone saw him beat everyone up in the ring, and that because the Warrior snuck up on him at War Games, he cost him his shot against Goldberg. He then issued a challenge to The Warrior to face him at Halloween Havoc. He then said that after he beat him, he'll go after Goldberg. At that point, the ring filled up with smoke. After it cleared, The Disciple was missing from the ring.

• Match 4- Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera - *Cruiserweight Title Match*
-Both men gave it their all in the match, coming within a 1/2 a second at several points from winning the match. After Guerrera hit Kidman with a huracanrana from the top, he went to the top for the 450 degree splash. However, Kidman got up and delivered a powerbomb to Guerrera as Guerrera came off the top rope. Kidman then went to the top rope and delivered the 7-Year Itch for the victory. Saturn then came down and applauded Kidman's victory.
*Winner: Kidman by Pinfall (New Cruiserweight Champion)

• Okerlund was backstage as J.J. Dillon and Doug Dillenger escorted someone into their locker room. Okerlund asked if it was Ric Flair and Dillon told Okerlund that he'll have to wait and see just like everyone else.

• Backstage, Eddie Guerrero and Eric Bischoff were arguing. Bischoff told Guerrero that he made him, but Guerrero didn't agree at all. Bischoff then told Guerrero that if he didn't want to work in WCW, he didn't have to. He then told Guerrero that he'll be sending him to Japan to wrestle.

• Match 5- The British Bulldog vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart)
-Jimmy Hart played a pivitol role in the match, attacking The Bulldog at every opportunity he had. As Bulldog went for a Running Powerslam, Hart held the feet of Barbarian outside of the ring. Bulldog then knocked Hart off the apron. As Barbarian went for the Kick of Fear, Bulldog ducked and power-slammed Barbarian for the win.
*Winner: Bulldog by Pinfall

• Gene Okerlund interviewed J.J. Dillon. Dillon was wearing Tuxedo. Dillon said that what Bagwell and Scott Steiner did last night was despicable. He then ordered Scott Steiner to face Rick Steiner at Halloween Havoc. As they left the ring, the lights flickered off and on and a strange laugh was heard. The laugh sounded similar to the way a Clown would laugh.

• As a match between Disciple and Jim Niedhart was about to take place, the ring filled with smoke and The Warrior appeared, holding an unconscious Disciple. At that point, the NWO-Hollywood members came down and surrounded the ring. Warrior told Hogan that he will accept his challenge for Halloween Havoc. The ring then filled with smoke again, and when it cleared, The Warrior and Disciple were gone.

• Match 6- Norman Smiley and Silver King vs. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) - *Handicapp Match*
-Bagwell interfered throughout the entire match. After Steiner Tiger-bombed Silver King onto Smiley, he executed a Double Steiner-Recliner on both opponents for the win.
*Winner: Steiner by Submission

• Match 7- The Giant vs. Meng
-The Giant did everything in his power to take down Meng, but Meng shook off everything The Giant had to offer. As Meng went for the Tongan Death Grip, The Giant grabbed Meng's throat and then choke-slammed him for the win.
*Winner: Giant by Pinfall

• Match 8- Scott Hall (w/Vincent) vs. Lex Luger
Hall once again came out, drinking some type of alchoholic beverage. Hall had trouble -maintaining his balance in the ring as well. Hall did his survey of whether the crowd was there to see WCW, NWO Black and White, or The Wolfpac. The crowd heavily supported The Wolfpac. In the match, Hall went to throw his toothpick in Luger's face, but he actually missed him. At one point, Hall went over and took another drink of his beverage, and when he attempted to get back in the ring, he tripped over the middle rope. As Hall continued to make a fool of himself, Eric Bischoff came down to the ring. He told Hall to just go backstage and end this. Nash and Konnan then came down. Hall asked Nash where he was when his life was falling apart. He said he should have been there for him instead of hanging around with Bischoff. After Hall had taken another drink, he appeared to have vomited on Bischoff. Bischoff then told the production staff to go to a break.
*Result: No Contest

• J.J. Dillon came down, as the lights went down. Dillon immediately called for Arn Anderson to come down, which he did. Dillon said that he owes Anderson an apology for what he said to him, but he meant well when he said those words. Anderson called tonight a new beginning for the four horsemen. He said wrestling in cities like Greenville have made him into what he is today. Loud chants of "We Want Flair" were heard. Anderson said that everyone will get what they want tonight. He then told Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael to come to the ring. McMichael was the first to come down and then Benoit came down. Both men were dressed very formally. He then asked Dean Malenko to come down, which he did, also dressed very formally. Anderson called Benoit the best wrestler in the world and he will carry the horsemen tradition into the future. He told McMichael that he will mean to wrestling what he used to mean to Pro Football after he's done with him. He then called Dean Malenko a horsemen, saying he should have done so much earlier. Anderson said heads are gonna role with the new horsemen. Anderson then said he almost forgot the 4th horsemen. He then introduced Ric Flair, who came out to a tremendous pop. Flair had tears in his eyes as he hugged all the members of the newly formed Horsemen. Flair then took the mic and said he's almost embarrassed by the crowd response to him. He then told Bischoff that this may be his only shot, but he's going to make it his best. Flair said that this isn't bought and paid for; this is real. He called Arn one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. He said he needs to apologize to his friends and his fans for giving up on the horsemen the first time. Bischoff then came down to the entrance way, which prompted Flair to swear and cuss at him, calling him an "obnoxious ass****," "a liar," "a cheat," and "a Son-of-a-Bitch." Flair was more emotional in this particular segment than I've ever seen him before.

• Diamond Dallas Page came to the commentator's booth. Schiavone congratulated Page on his War Games victory. Page first said he wants to be the first one to welcome back Flair to WCW. Page said he wanted to stay around for the Goldberg match, which he did.

• Match 9- Goldberg vs. Sting - *WCW Title Match*
-Sting executed several maneuvers that had little or no effect on Goldberg, which frustrated Sting. After Sting hit consecutive Stinger Splashs, Goldberg attempted to nail Sting with a spear. However, Goldberg missed and hit the ring post. Sting then went for the Scorpion Death Lock, but Goldberg was able to partially power out of it. As he did so, Hogan came down to the ring and kicked Sting in the head. The referee never saw it, and Goldberg took advantage. Goldberg speared Sting and then executed The Jackhammer for the victory. Hogan then attacked Goldberg from behind, but Bret Hart then came down and got rid of Hogan. The show went off the air with Hart and Goldberg helping Sting.
*Winner: Goldberg by Pinfall