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WCW Monday Nitro Report
September 7th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Pensacola, Florida

• Backstage, the camera man ran into Hollywood Hogan's locker room. It appeared The Warrior had been the locker room, as the walls were spray-painted with OWN logos, which had all NWO-Hollywood members upset. As Hogan, Eric Bischoff, The Disciple, and The Giant made their ways to the ring, Vincent confronted them, and explained that Brian Adams and Scott Norton had been taken to the hospital. The ambulance's sirens went off, and was on its way.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview - (With Eric Bischoff, The Giant, and The Disciple)
-Hollywood Hogan, very upset, said he had just about enough of The Warrior. He demanded for The Warrior to appear, and even looked under the ring. Hogan also mentioned he was fed up with Bret Hart, and that Hart was off the NWO-Hollywood War Games team. According to Hogan, The Giant would replace Hart.

• Konnan defeated Bull Pain by making him submit to the Tequilla Sunrise.
-After Bull Pain missed his second attempt at a top-rope maneuver, Konnan took full advantage. Konnan strapped Bull Pain in the Tequilla Sunrise, with Pain submitting, and Konnan taking the victory.

• J.J. Dillion Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-J.J. Dillion announced the contract Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan signed for War Games was final, which meant there was no way they could replace Bret Hart. Dillion said he had no idea what The Giant would be doing at Fall Brawl.

• Diamond Dallas Page Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-Diamond Dallas Page was questioned whether or not he would be part of The Wolfpac. DDP rewinded through a little history, and reminded everyone how he didn't join NWO (black-and-white), when he was asked by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. DDP took Nash's offer as a threat, and said he could not trust him. Kevin Nash made his way down to the ring for a face-to-face confrontation. The way Nash put it was that if DDP did not join The Wolfpac, it would be hell at War Games. DDP said he didn't know how Sting and Lex Luger could trust Nash, which brought out the two Wolfpac members. Luger said after he asked DDP to join The Wolfpac a while ago, they never got an answer. DDP continued to say that Nash was untrustworthy. Sting stepped up, and said he trusted Nash, and also opened a challenge, where he and Luger would take on DDP and Roddy Piper. DDP accepted, and also told Nash to be there.

• Roddy Piper Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-Roddy Piper was quite upset that Diamond Dallas Page put him in a tag team match that he never gave the O.K. for. Piper also feared DDP would attack him from behind at War Games, since Piper's theory was that there were no teams at War Games. Piper announced he would be on his own at War Games, and said he would particpate in the tag team match later in the show.

• Wrath defeated Lenny Lane with the Meltdown.
-Wrath completely dominated that match, and finished off Lenny Lane with the Meltdown.

• Backstage, Vincent told Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff to head to their locker room immediately. When they walked in, The Disciple was hanging from the cieling, obviously something that was done by The Warrior.

• Bret Hart made his way down to the ring. Followed by his entrance, Curt Hennig, Vincent, and Stevie Ray made their ways down to confront Hart. Sting ran down, with a baseball bat, with all NWO-Hollywood members running out of the ring. It appeared Sting came to Hart's aid. However, Sting put the baseball bat up to Hart's chest, and then gave Hart a chance to hit him with the bat. Hart refused, however, which caused Sting to make his way back to the locker room.

• Some pre-recorded comments from Rick Steiner. Rick Steiner said he can't believe what Scott Steiner did to the Steiner name. He said Scott would pay back at Fall Brawl.

• Scott Steiner defeated Evan Kouragias by making him submit to the Steiner-Recliner.
-Evan Kouragias was scheduled to take on someone else, but Scott Steiner did the match instead. Buff Bagwell took Mike Tenay's commentating position, and was a complete pain to Tony Schaivone and Larry Zbyszko. Scott taunted his brother, Rick Steiner. Steiner dominated Evan Kouragias, and made him submit to the Steiner-Recliner.

• Juventud Guerrera defeated Hector Garza with the Juvi Driver, to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-Hector Garza had Juventud Guerrera struggle throughout the match. However, after Garza missed a moonsault, Guerrera took advantage, and nailed the Juvi Driver to retain the Cruiserweight Title.

• Curt Hennig and Rick Rude Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-Curt Hennig and Rick Rude criticized Arn Anderson for not re-forming The Four Horsemen. Curt Hennig said after he was done with Dean Malenko in a steel cage, he would prove Malenko was nothing but a loser.

• Ernest Miller defeated Kaos with the Spinning Heel Kick.
-Ernest Miller show-boated, which costed him the majority of the match. However, Miller managed to finish off Kaos with the Spinning Heel Kick. Afterwards, Miller bragged about being the greatest karate champion there ever was, and challenged anyone to fight him. Miller waited, but no one appeared.

• Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) defeated Chris Adams with the Slap Jack.
-After Chris Adams was distracted by Vincent, Stevie Ray took the match with the Slap Jack.

• Saturn (w/The Flock) defeated Riggs with the Death Valley Driver.
-Saturn wasn't scheduled to wrestle the match, but had to, after he was told to by Lodi. Saturn dominated Riggs, and finished him off with the Death Valley Driver. Afterwards, Raven and Kanyon told Lodi to instruct Saturn to break Riggs' fingers. Saturn refused to, and had his fingers broken, instead, by Raven. A trainer came down to the aid of Saturn, but Saturn refused any help.

• Chris Jericho defeated Jim Niedhart by making him "submit" to the Lion Tamer, to retain the Television Title.
-Jim Niedhart put up a tough fight for Chris Jericho. After Niedhart was slapped in the Lion Tamer, he never tapped out. However, the referee rang the bell, and claimed Niedhart tapped out. Jericho retained the Television Title.

• As WCW was about to go to a commercial braek, Eddie Guerrero popped up. Guerrero addressed Eric Bischoff as Uncle Eric, and claimed he was injured. Therefore, it would mean that Bischoff would be forced to get involved with lawyers, doctors, etc. Guerrero, however, would put it easy on Bischoff, and just take the night off. Guerrero wore a T-Shirt with a anti-pencil sign logo on the front, with the words "Free, Fire, Please - Me" on the back.

• Steel Cage Match: Dean Malenko defeated Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) by Disqualification.
-Curt Hennig worked on Dean Malenko's hand throughout the match. Once Malenko took the advantage, the referee was accidently knocked out. At this time, Eric Bischoff ran to the ring, and unlocked the cage door. Rick Rude, along with Stevie Ray, began to attack Malenko, causing Hennig to be disqualified. As Hennig and Rude were ready to slam the cage door on Malenko's head, Arn Anderson appeared, and took out all NWO-Hollywood members.

• Goldberg defeated Scott Putski with the Jackhammer, to retain the WCW Heavyweight Title.

• Diamond Dallas Page and Roddy Piper defeated Sting and Lex Luger by Disqualification.
-As the match went on, Kevin Nash made his way down. Nash threw Roddy Piper head-first into the ringpost. Nash entered the ring, and Jack-Knife Powerbombed DDP. Nash tore off his Wolfpac T-Shirt, and threw it on top of DDP.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview - (With The Giant)
-Hollywood Hogan brought out a chair with him. Hogan announced if The Warrior could defeat The Giant in a steel cage match, Warrior would receive a shot at Hogan. Hogan also said he would win War Games, and would go on to Fall Brawl to win the Heavyweight Title from Goldberg. The ring lit up with smoke, and when it cleared up, The Giant was knocked out on the floor, while The Warrior was sitting on a chair. The Warrior placed his coat on top of the knocked out Giant. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff made his way down. Hogan took a shot at Warrior with a chair, and was let out of the cage door by Bischoff. The cage door was locked, and the ring lit up with smoke once again. Warrior was gone with the smoke cleared. The Giant was the only one who remained in the ring. Bischoff and Hogan were going crazy, wondering where The Warrior went