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WCW Monday Nitro Report
August 31st 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Miami, Florida

• Hollywood Hogan Interview - (With Eric Bischoff)
-Eric Bischoff pulled out his pen - the only object that made him so "powerful." He promised Eddie Guerrero would wrestle later in the show, and The Warrior wouldn't. Hollywood Hogan announced his partners for War Games would be Bret Hart and Stevie Ray. Hogan then bragged, saying NWO-Hollywood would win War Games, and continued to taunt The Warrior and Goldberg. He then, surprisingly, called out The Warrior, with Warrior almost immediately making his way down to the ring. Other NWO-Hollywood members surrounded the ring, trapping The Warrior. Just as quickly as Warrior appeared, he disappeared in the smoke that lit up the ring.

• The commentators announced the main event bout would be Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart vs. Sting and Lex Luger. ... Highlights were shown of Goldberg hanging out with Mark McGuire in St. Louis, Missouri.

• Wrath defeated Jim Powers with the Meltdown.
-Wrath looked very impressive, and dominated Jim Powers. After Powers was showing signs of a knee injury, Wrath took advantage, and finished off the match with the Meltdown.

• Gene Okerlund, The Nitro Girls, and Jim Duggan were all in Wapakoneta, Ohio - home of the Niel Armstrong Space Museum - celebrating a Nitro Party. WCW checked back with Okerlund frequently throughout the show.

• Scott Norton (w/Vincent) defeated Norman Smiley with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
-Scott Norton dominated Norman Smiley, and continued to pound on him, even though he could of had two successful pins. After two Jack-Kinfe Powerbombs, Norton took an easy victory. Following the match, the lights went off, and The Warrior appeared.

• In some pre-recorded, backstage comments, Mike Tenay attempted to catch a few words from Saturn, who was carrying Lodi's luggage. Saturn says he is a man of his word, and he will continue to be Lodi's temporary slave. Lodi told Saturn to hurry up with his things.

• Wolfpac Interview.
-The Wolfpac did the interview without Sting. Lex Luger said Sting was on his way to the arena, and that they are looking forward to their main event match with Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart. Kevin Nash said The Wolfpac drew straws, and the three members for War Games would be he, Sting, and Lex Luger. Nash then taunted Team-WCW members that would be participating in War Games.

• J.J. Dillion Interview - (With Tony Schiavone)
-J.J. Dillion called out Arn Anderson, and Anderson made his way down to the ring. Dillion told Anderson he came across some old footage, and it was aired on the monitor. The video saw Anderson in his younger years, cutting a promo. Dillion tried to convince Anderson he was the key to re-forming The Four Horsemen. Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael appeared, and had a private, but yet seemingly arguably talk with Anderson. As Anderson put everything to rest, and decided to leave the ring, Dillion held him back, and said that he thought Anderson was afraid of re-forming The Four Horsemen. Anderson made his way back to the locker room. Throughout the interview, "We Want Flair" chants were chanted loudly throughout the arena.

• Brian Adams (w/Vincent) defeated Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall.
-Before the match, The Warrior was shown at the top of the arena. Eddie Guerrero didn't even attempt to wrestle the match, and layed on the floor in a pinning position. Brian Adams put his foot on top on Guerrero, and made an easy pin. Afterwards, Guerrero said he wouldn't let Eric Bischoff sue him, and then began to curse, with the words being blocked out.

• Ernest Miller defeated Riggs with the Spinning Wheel Kick.
-Ernest Miller dominated Riggs with his karate tactics, and finished him off with the Spinning Wheel Kick. Aftewards, Miller said for the fans not to hate him because he's beautiful. Miller said no one in WCW can stop him since he is a three-time karate champion.

• Konnan defeated Marty Jannetty by making him submit to the Tequilla Sunrise.
-Marty Jannetty put up a long fight for Konnan. As Jannetty continued with the overall advantage, Konnan caught him with a Front Face Slam. Konnan then strapped the Tequilla Sunrise to take the victory.

• Saturn and Lodi defeated High Voltage with Saturn's Death Valley Driver.
-It seemed Kanyon was officially part of The Flock. Before the match, Lodi was told to instruct Saturn not to touch Raven or Kanyon. Kanyon got up to Saturn's face, and dared Saturn to hit him. Saturn clenched his first, wanting to take a shot at Kanyon, but wouldn't. After Saturn hit Rage with the Death Valley Driver, he was forced to tag in Lodi. Lodi made the pin, and took all the credit.

• Diamond Dallas Page Interiew - (With Tony Schiavone)
-Diamond Dallas Page discussed War Games, and brought out WCW Commissioner, Roddy Piper. Piper insulted Bret Hart, and said that Hart was making the wrong choice siding-off NWO-Hollywood. The Giant ran-in, but two superstars wasn't enough to put the big man down. Security made their way to the ring, and handcuffed The Giant.

• Scott Steiner Interview - (With Doc)
-Scott Steiner said he had a panel of doctors to prove he wasn't 100% ready for his Fall Brawl match with Rick Steiner. Steiner introduced Dr. JuJu Yubangie (Buff Bagwell), who was a Jamaican voodoo doctor. Bagwell said he could use magic powder to heal Steiner. Steiner's left arm was supposedly healed, after Bagwell used the magic powder. Scott Steiner guaranteed his brother would go down at Fall Brawl. Rick Steiner popped up from behind, with the NWO-Hollywood members taking off. Afterwards, The Warrior appeared at the top of the arena.

• Juventud Guerrera defeated Evan Kourageous with the Juvi Driver, to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title.
-Evan Kourageous had many chances to make a pin, but failed to do so. After the Juvi Driver, Juventud Guerrera retained the Cruiserweight Title.

• Chris Jericho defeated Disco Inferno by making him submit to the Lion Tamer, to retain the WCW Television Title.
-A very physical match, but Disco Inferno couldn't take the Lion Tamer. Chris Jericho retained his Television Title.

• Goldberg defeated Al Greene with the Jackhammer, to retian the WCW Heavyweight Title.
-Kevin Nash did color commentary during this match, and took Mike Tenay's position. Nash showed his respect for Goldberg, and had no negative comments regarding the Heavyweight Champion. After the spear, Goldberg retained his Heavyweight Title with the Jackhammer.

• Sting and Lex Luger defeated Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart (w/The Disciple) by Countout.
-After Hollywood Hogan began to use his belt on Sting, Hart took the belt away, and left the ring. As Hogan and Hart argued on the outside of the ring, they were counted out, giving Sting and Lex Luger the victory. Hogan, Hart, and The Disciple entered the ring. Other NWO-Hollywood members came down to break up the argument. The ring lit up with smoke, and The Warrior appeared, with NWO-Hollywood members knocked out on the floor. Hogan was hiding in the corner, and as soon as The Warrior taunted him, Hogan headed back to the locker room area.