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WCW Monday Nitro Report
August 24th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Chicago, Illinois

• A limousine pulled up to the arena, with Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, The Disciple, and Elizabeth popping out to make their ways to the ring.

• Hogan, Bischoff, Disciple, and Elizabeth were in the ring for an interview. Eric Bischoff first pulled out a pen, noting that he kicked Vader and Johnny B. Badd out of WCW with it, and that it could happen to Eddie Guerrero. Hogan promised The Warrior would not be at War Games. He was very confident that he would win the Fall Brawl main event, and he also stated that Goldberg would be his main focus afterwards.

• Match 1- Wrath vs. Mike Enos
-Wrath was onto every move Mike Enos used to attempt to gain the advantage. Wrath picked up Enos, and nailed him with a powerslam off the shoulders, to take the victory.
*Winner: Wrath via Pinfall

• Match 2- Kaz Hayashi vs. Dean Malenko
-Hayashi won over short-lived momentum in the match after hitting Malenko with a summersault back-splash. Hayashi also executed two surprising pinfall attempts in which Malenko barely kicked out. However, Malenko was finally able to put Hayashi away after executing the Texas Cloverleaf.
*Winner: Malenko via Pinfall

• Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, and Konnan came to the ring. The three men first did their usual theatrics to pump up the crowd. Nash told Hogan that if he wanted a war, he's going to get one. Nash said that he's going to run this company, no matter who he has to run through. He then asked Goldberg if he wanted to "bury the hatchet," he would tag with him against Hogan and The Giant. At that point, Goldberg's music hit the air, and he was shown walking through the arena, with security guards. He then came down to the ring and got right into Nash's face, telling him that he'll tag with him.

• Match 3- Jim Niedhart vs. Konnan
-After Konnan slammed Niedhart's face into the mat, Konnan hooked the Tequila Sunrise on Niedhart for the victory.
*Winner: Konnan via Submission

• Tony Schiavone interviewed Stevie Ray. Ray said he'll deal with the NWO guys that slapped him around on Thunder. As Ray said he was going back after his title, Booker T. made his return, coming to the entrance way. Booker T. said he wanted to take some time off from the ring so he could come back at 110% for the fans. He then asked Ray "What the hell is going?," referring to Ray taking the TV Title. Ray said he's taken his title and defended it. He told T. that the TV Title and Dillon are coming between. Schiavone then told Ray that Booker T. is now the No. 1 contender for the U.S. Title, which sent Stevie Ray into a tirade. The match will take place later in the show, with Booker T. going up against Bret Hart.

• Schiavone interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. Page called Bischoff a fool. Page told Hogan that he can't steal his heart, and there's no way he'll be kept from War Games. He then challenged someone to step up to the plate to join him at War Games. At that point, Rowdy Roddy Piper made his return as he came down to the ring. He said he came here as the commissioner. He told Page that his hard work has paid off. Piper said he had dinner with people at Time Warner, and they were talking about Bischoff. Piper said that he is the only person Bischoff can't fire. He then announced that he will join up with Page at War Games. He then said that before the program is over, he'll do everything in his power to make a dream team, hinting that the third man will be The Warrior.

• Match 4- Steve McMichael vs. Riggs
-Riggs controlled most of the matchup, using wear-down tacticts to get that control. However, McMichael eventually used his power advantage to win the matchup, using the Mongo Spike. Afterwards, Horace Boulder entered the ring and nailed McMichael with a stop sign. He and Sick Boy then attacked him. Seeing this, Dean Malenko came down to the aid of McMichael. He took out Horace and executed the Texas Cloverleaf on Sick Boy. With Sick Boy in The Cloverleaf, Saturn came down and started to argue with Malenko. He then went after Horace on the outside, but was also hit with a stop sign. Eventually, McMichael and Malenko were able to clear the ring. The two then shook hands after McMichael had put up the 4 fingers of the Horsemen.
*Winner: McMichael via Pinfall

• Match 5- Scott Norton (w/Vincent) vs. Rick Fuller
-Norton showed no repercussions from several Fuller maneuvers, popping right up when one was executed. Norton easily won the match, executing his Powerbomb for the victory. The match lasted less than 2 minutes.
*Winner: Norton via Pinfall

• Scott Steiner and "Doc" (His "doctor") came down to the ring. He first made some derogatory comments about The Chicago Bulls, saying the sucked before Jordan and they'll suck now that Jordan's gone. Steiner said himself and his brother didn't have to wait until Fall Brawl to wrestle; they could do it right now. The doctor then objected, but Steiner said he had to go against his orders. He then ordered Rick Steiner to come out. At that point, Buff Bagwell - dressed as Steiner - came down to the ring. He then offered the option of either eating a "Doggy treat" or wrestling him. Bagwell chose the cracker. Steiner then told him to lay down and play dead, which he did. Steiner then covered him for the pin, saying that that will be exactly the outcome of the match between himself and his brother.

• Match 6- Lex Luger vs. Brian Adams (w/Vincent)
-Vincent served as a big distraction for Luger during the match, changing the whole complextion of the match at one point. After Adams put his head down, Luger kicked him. He then executed three straight lariats. After he powerslammed Adams, he montioned for the Torture Rack. However, Vincent distracted him by attempting to hit him from the top rope. He missed, but Adams attacked Luger from behind. However, Luger was able to execute the Torture Rack on Adams for the victory only a few seconds later.
*Winner: Luger via Submission

• The Warrior came down to the ring. This time, he made his trademark entrance, running to the ring, and shaking the ropes. His music is very similar to his music from the WWF. He said he once looked upon Hogan as his mentor. He called Hogan the model of a champion, being everything he tried to emulate. However, now he doesn't see any of those attributes. He said Hogan's gravest mistake will be that he never thought a man would come along, knowing the difference between a rebellion and a revolution. He told Hogan that his entire world will collapse tonight as he will unleash his "One Warrior Nation" on Hogan. He said he intends on showing the world that a revolution is based on courage, not cowardliness. He told Hogan that next week the revolution will continue.

• Match 7- Chris Jericho vs. Curt Hennig - *TV Title Match*
-At one point, Jericho was able to establish the Lion Tamer on Hennig, but Hennig was able to reach the ropes. Quickly thereafter, Hennig also attempted his finishing move, but Jericho was able to block every attempt of the Hennig-plex. The bell then rang and it was announced that it was ruled a Time Limit Draw. The two continued to fight, until The Giant came down. The Giant took Hennig by the throat and threw him to the mat. Jericho left, with Hennig questioning why The Giant did that.
*Result: Time Limit Draw

• Bret Hart came to the ring. Hart said he's as nice as he's ever been. He blamed the fans for corrupting the business. He said the only guy he could respect was Hollywood Hogan. He said that he still respect Sting, even though he's made a few bad decisions. He then told Booker T. to prepare for one more ass-kicking. Back from commercial, we saw that somebody had attacked Booker T. Stevie Ray yelled at him, and told him that he'll take the match for him. He went to the ring and confronted Bret Hart. Hart said he had no idea who had beaten up his brother. At that point, members of the NWO came down to the ring, with Hennig carrying a NWO T-shirt. Hart said that they respect him and that they want him to join up with them. Stevie Ray then gave the NWO hand signal to all NWO members, showing that he is the newest member of the NWO. He said his brother made his choice, and he has made his.

• Match 8- Hollywood Hogan and The Giant (w/The Disciple) vs. Goldberg and Kevin Nash
-After The Disciple had nailed Goldberg from behind with the WCW Title Belt, Hogan garnered the advantage. Nash attacked Disciple, but Hennig came out to take down Nash. Just as it seemed that Goldberg was going to spear Hogan, Hennig, followed by other NWO members came into the ring and attacked Goldberg. Wolfpac members then came down to even up the odds. After the ring had been cleared, Goldberg speared down Curt Hennig and then Jackhammered him. He then secured the pin on Hennig. Hogan then attacked Goldberg from behind. Nash tried to help, but missed Hogan with a knee and accidentally hit Goldberg. The Giant then threw Goldberg out of the ring. With NWO members in the ring, The Warrior, Roddy Piper, and Dallas Page came down and cleared the ring of all NWO members, standing alone in the ring. On the outside, Konnan seperated Nash and Goldberg.
Winners: Goldberg and Nash via Pinfall