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WCW Monday Nitro Report
August 17th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Hartford, Connecticut

• Hollywood Hogan Interview - (With Eric Bischoff, The Giant, and The Disciple)
-Hollywood Hogan first bragged about Hartford, Connecticut being the city he built. He then challegend Goldberg to a match, with the Heavyweight Title on-the-line, and with The Giant as the one who would take the match. If The Giant defeated Goldberg, he would hand the title back to Hogan.

• J.J. Dillion Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-J.J. Dillion announced the captains of the three teams for the War Games main event at Fall Brawl. They were Hollywood Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page, and Kevin Nash. Every two minutes, there would be a new participate who would enter the ring. The winner would receive a WCW Heavyweight Title shot at the Halloween Havoc pay-per-view.

• Steve McMichael defeated Sick Boy with the Mongo Spike.
-After Steve McMichael executed the shoulder-block from the three point stand, he defeated Sick Boy with his second Mongo Spike attempt.

• Diamond Dallas Page Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-Diamond Dallas Page announced he has a recruited one of his partners for the War Games main event, who happens to be a big enemy of Hollywood Hogan. Bret Hart entered the ring, basically defending Hogan. DDP went ahead and challenged Hart to a United States Title match for later in the show, and Hart accepted.

• Raven Interview - (With Gene Okerlund)
-As Raven was about to speak, Horace confronted him. Horace was furious with Raven, and challenged Raven to another match for later in the show. Since it was Raven's Rules, Raven announced a tag team match, with he and Saturn taking on Horace and Kanyon. Saturn and Kanyon came out, not wanting to participate. However, they were forced to after J.J. Dillion signed the match as an official one. Dillion also announced that if any wrestler costed their partner to lose the match, they would be suspended for 90 days. Stipulations in the match were that you could only win by submission or pinfall.

• Disco Inferno and Alex Wright and High Voltage went to a No Contest.
-As the match went on, Meng interfered, and gave everyone in the ring the Tongan Deathgrip, including the referee and security. One security official spraid mase in Meng's eyes, but it wasn't no help.

• Eddie Guerrero came out, with his luggage. He ripped Eric Bischoff, saying that Bischoff had been mis-treating him. He said that Bischoff treats the younger talent wrong. Eddie said that he loves his nephew, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and he has family to care about. He then demanded that he be released from his WCW contract. Guerrero was originally scheduled to take on Konnan, but, of course, the match did not happen. Most believed this interview was a SHOOT.

• Raven and Saturn defeated Kanyon and Horace with Saturn's Death Valley Driver.
-Both teams didn't get along so well at first, but eventually, both sides turned it into a very physical match. After Horace mistakenly hit Kanyon a the stop sign, Saturn took full advantage. Saturn executed the Death Valley Driver onto Horace, for he and Raven to take the victory. Afterwrds, The Flock attacked Saturn, including Raven. Kidman tried to stop The Flock, but was attacked by Raven. Horace nailed Saturn, and was then attacked by Raven.

• Wolfpac Interview.
-Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, and Konnan discussed their upcoming War Games match with team NWO-Hollywood and team WCW. Nash said their main focus would be NWO-Hollywood.

• Scott Norton (w/Vincent) defeated Scott Putski with a Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
-Scott Norton dominated Scott Putski and easily finished him off with a Jack-Knife Powerbomb.

• Hollywood Hogan Interview - (With Eric Bischoff and The Disicple)
-Hollywood Hogan did another interview, this time, discussing War Games. As he began to brag, saying that no one could defeat him, The (Ultimate) Warrior came out to a spectacular entrance. Hogan told The Warrior he thought he was dead. Hogan was so frightened, he offered Warrior an NWO-Hollywood T-Shirt, but Warrior did not accept it. Warrior then brought up some history between he and Hogan, and continued to taunt. Warrior announced he would launch a revolution next week, and Hogan better be prepared. The ring lit up with smoke, and Warrior disappeared in the mist.

• Dean Malenko Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) with the Hennig-Plex.
-With help from Rick Rude, Curt Hennig took the win with the Hennig-Plex.

• Scott Steiner came out, wrapped around with bandages and casts on his left right arm and leg. Buff Bagwell and a supposed doctor joined Steiner. According to "doctor's orders" Scott was in not condition to wrestle his brother (Rick Steiner) at Fall Brawl. Rick Steiner appeared by the entrance-way. Rick said he would be prepared for Fall Brawl. Confusingly, Scott said he would be at Fall Brawl.

• Triangle Match: Chris Jericho defeated Chvo Guerrero, Jr. and Stevie Ray via Countout, to retain the WCW Television Title.
-As the phsycial match went on, and the referee was accidently knocked out, The Giant made his way down to the ring. The Giant went right after Stevie Ray, and executed his Chokeslam. After all three men were knocked out, the referee began a 10 count. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. was actually the first one to get up, but Jericho purposely pulled the referee down. Guerrero staggered out of the ring, while the referee continued his count, and eventually giving Jericho to the victory.

• Bret Hart defeated Diamond Dallas Page by Disqualification, to retain the WCW United States Title.
-At one point during the match, Bret Hart hit Diamond Dallas Page with a pair of brass knuckles, while the referee was knocked out. Hart put the foreign object in DDP's pants. The match then came close. The referee found out that DDP had the brass knuckles in his pants, and Hart was announced the winner by Disqualification.

• Goldberg defeated The Giant (w/The Disciple) by Disqualification.
-As Goldberg took the advantage, The Disciple interfered, giving the win to Goldberg by Disqualification. NWO-Hollywood members came down to attack Goldberg, until Kevin Nash made the save. When Goldberg was about to spear Scott Hall, he accidently speared Nash. The show went off the air with Goldberg and Nash going face-to-face