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Monday NITRO

March 31, 1998

Match Results

Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom vs. High Voltage
Enos and Bloom were in the process of teaching Ruckus and Kaos thing or two about
double-teaming and rulebreaking when the Giant made an unexpected cameo. All
four competitors went for the chokeslam ride and the match was called. Post-match,
Roddy Piper joined the Giant in the ring. The Giant agreed to fight alongside Piper at
Spring Stampede.

Saturn w/ The Flock d. Fit Finley
Finley not only displayed his trademark toughness in this bout, but his mastery of
counters and mat wrestling. Unintimidated by the Flock (The rowdy cretins
accompanied Saturn to the ring.), the brutish Irishmen gave the former TV Champion a
solid workout and some memorable shots. Saturn eventually connected with a
belly-to-belly suplex, a precursor to the deadly Rings of Saturn. Finley submitted.

Chris Jericho d. Marty Jannetty
WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Pre-match, Jericho -- the self-proclaimed 'Man of 1004 Holds' -- dedicated his match
to Dean Malenko. Jannetty seemed focusedbefore the bout, but the Champ quickly
got his competitor off-balance. Jericho managed to lock on the Liontamer and score
the submission win in a suprisingly quick bout. Post-match, Jericho began to read a list
of his 1004 holds, until Prince Iaukea entered the ring to break up the monotony.

Prince Iaukea d. Glacier
A angrier, more aggressive Glacier made his return to Nitro competition. Iaukea
seemed undaunted by the martial artist's new attitude, but had some difficulty dealing
with his opponent's size and strength advantage. Glacier's offensive strike ended with a
missed cryonic kick, which Iaukea countered with a northern lights suplex. Iaukea
grabbed the pin and kept his latest winning streak alive.

Juventud Guerrera d. El Dandy
El Dandy dominated the unmasked Luchador for the majority of the match, beating
Juvy in the air and on the mat. But Guerrera's "Never Surrender" motto proved true
once again. The former Cruiserweight Champ struck back and hooked Dandy's leg
after a Juvy Driver for the pin.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Kaz Hayashi
Obviously frustrated by his recent dealings with Uncle Eddie, Guerrero fought the solid
and clean style that had been his trademark. Hayashi, a newcomer from Japan,
showed a lot of promise, but fell prey to a tornado DDT and the pin. Post-match,
Guerrero helped his opponent to his feet in a show of good sportsmanship.

Buff Bagwell with Scott Norton d. Raven
Pre-match, Raven complained to fans about Diamond Dallas Page's refusal to help
him get into WCW. The actual match only contained a maneuver or two, before DDP
ran to the ring and tried to get back his US Title Belt. Raven disappeared and took the
count-out loss. Post-match, DDP joined the announcing team and gave his side of the

Disco Inferno d. Kidman
The showstealer of the night, Disco and Kidman exchanged holds and the advantage
throughout the match. Although neither man seemed able to keep momentum for more
than a minute at a time, Disco managed to execute a vicious piledriver-- his
self-dubbed Partydriver-- and score the win.

Jim Niedhardt d. Curt Hennig with Rick Rude
Pre-match, Rude opted to join the commentating team, instead of staying ringside with
Hennig. Hennig looked solid, but Neidhardt's brute force winded the former US
Champion. The Anvil locked in a bear hug and worked towards a submission. Rude
ran to the ring and caused the DQ, only to find himself caught in the devastating hold.
Post-match, Rude and Hennig beat on Neidhardt, until the British Bulldog came to
the ring. NWOer Brian Adams came to the aid of Rude and Hennig, but Bret Hart
evened to odds once again. After clearing out the NWO, Hart swore he would
destroy the group and threatened Hollywood Hogan.

Booker T. vs. Chris Benoit
TV Title Match
A testament to the skills and resolve of both men, this bout exhibited Booker T's
undeniable excellence as a singles competitor and Benoit's unwavering tenacity and
stamina. For the ten minute duration of this bout, both men found themselves pinned,
pressed, stretched and slammed, but neither would submit or lay for three. Booker T
retained the belt after television time ran out. The second draw in two weeks for two
superstars on the rise.

Psychosis d. Ultimo Dragon
An exciting match was cut short, when members of the Flock attacked Psychosis for
breaking Lodi's ankle. The Dragon aided Psychosis in his battle against Raven's

Bill Goldberg d. Ray Traylor
The most dominating wave on the WCW pipeline, Goldberg toppled the
always-formidable Traylor with unnerving ease. Head spear. Jackhammer. Three
count. Post-match, Saturn tried to get at the former Atlanta Falcon, but was held back
by the Flock.

Kevin Nash and Randy Savage d. Sting and Lex Luger
Savage revealed he was Nash's mystery partner by attacking Sting as he walked down
the runway. Nash and the Madness worked over Luger, until Sting returned to the ring
and turned the match into an all-out brawl. Hollywood Hogan made his way ringside
and helped Savage by whacking Sting. While the referee investigated, Luger put Nash
in the Rack, only to have the Disciple interfere and strike the Total Package with his
devastating neckbreaker. Nash rolled on top of Luger for the pin. Post-match, Piper
ran to the ring and started battling Hogan.

Roddy Piper d. Hollywood Hogan

Piper never squandered the advantage he acquired by jumping Hogan at the end of the
previous bout. Working Hogan with countless right hooks, turnbuckle blasts and other
classic Piperisms, the Mad Scot wrapped up the NWO leader in his sleeper finisher.
The Disciple made his second assist of the night, rocking Piper with a neckbreaker and
disqualifying Hogan. Nash came in and held Piper for Hogan, but ended up taking the
shot himself. Hogan and Nash appeared ready to brawl, but the Giant -- running
ringside in an effort to help Piper -- cleared the ring.