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WCW Monday Nitro Report
August 10th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live fom Rapid City, South Dakota

• Tony Schiavone announced that WCW was not allowed to replay any footage from the Road Wild main event.

• Match 1- Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart)
-Barbarian dominated the match. However, after he missed a Double Axe-handle, Jim Duggan rolled up Barbarian from behind for the pin. Afterwards, Hugh Morrus came down, and an attack began on Duggan, with it being 3-on-1. Meng appeared, and took out everyone with the Tongan Deathgrip, including security and Duggan.
*Winner: Duggan by Pinfall

• Gene Okerlund interviewed Lex Luger. Luger said that Hall wasn't the only guy that attacked him last week on Nitro, but Bret Hart was also in on the attack. Luger told Hart that he's not leaving the building until he gets apart of Hart. At this instance, Hart came out to the ring. Hart called Luger a "damn liar," saying he wasn't in on the attack. He told Luger he's not good enough to be United States Champion. Hart called Luger jealous of his status as champion, and the fact that Sting is like a brother to him. Luger then told Hart that if he doesn't give him a match tonight, he's going to "knock his teeth out right now." When hearing this, Hart accepted the challenge to a US Title match for later in the night.

• Match 2- Eddie Guerrero vs. Tokyo Magnum
-Before the match, Disco Inferno and Alex Wright told Magnum that he better stop screwing up and better start wrestling up to their level. In the Match: Guerrero had little trouble with Magnum, finishing him off with his Frog Splash.
*Winner: Guerrero by Pinfall

• Match 3- Saturn vs. Kanyon
-After Kanyon nailed a neck-breaker from the top on Saturn, it appeared that Kanyon had the win, but Saturn kicked out just in the nick-of-time. After Saturn hit Kanyon with super-plex, Lodi came down and distracted the referee. From behind, Raven came out and delivered the Even-flow DDT on Saturn. Kanyon spread his arm over Saturn, and won the match, not even knowing that Raven had come down.
*Winner: Kanyon by Pinfall

• Match 4- Sick Boy (w/Lodi) vs. Steve McMichael
-As Sick Boy tried his "Cure" finishing maneuver, McMichael flipped him over his back. He then picked him up and spiked him with the Mongo Spike Tombstone Piledriver.
*Winner: McMichael by Pinfall

• Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and The Disciple came out to the ring. Hogan said that Leno's been put on the shelve and he's getting ready to dust Page under the carpet. Hogan said that he wants his WCW Championship belt back and he wants it immediately. He told WCW officials that if they want to save any face, they'll serve Goldberg to him on a silver platter and take back his belt. Bischoff took the microphone and said that since Meng has taken out all the WCW security officials, Hogan's NWO will be at ringside during the Meng vs. Goldberg match as security officials.

• Match 5- Stevie Ray vs. Chris Jericho - *TV Title Match*
-Stevie Ray was originally scheduled to face Chavo Guerrero in the match. Guererro came out for the match, looking for his horse, "Pepe". Jericho then came out, holding the horse. Chavo followed Jericho backstage, and it appeared as if Jericho took out Guerrero backstage, as Jericho came out with the horse, and broke it apart. Jericho came to the ring and challenged Ray to a match for the title, which Ray accepted. During the match, the referee was knocked down after Jericho kicked Mark Curtis in the lower extremities. As Ray set Jericho up for the Slap Jack, The Giant came down and choke-slammed Stevie Ray. Jericho then applied the Lion Tamer to the unconscious Ray, which led the referee to call for the bell and give the win to Jericho.
*Winner: Jericho by Pinfall (NEW TV Champion)

• Eric Bischoff and Elizabeth came out to the entrance way. Bischoff said he's taken it upon his self to violate the restraining order on the Jay Leno and Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hogan and Bischoff match from Road Wild, as he said the people deserve to know what happened. Bischoff, of course, alterted the story, saying that himself and Hogan won the match.

• Match 6- Lizmark, Jr. vs. Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. - *Tripe Threat Match*
-Psychosis was at a bit of a disadvantage, as Mysterio and Lizmark both battled against Psychosis throughout. However, after one of them attempted a pin on Psychosis, the other would take them off, which caused the two to go at it. The end came after Mysterio springboarded off of Psychosis, nailed Lizmark with a hurracanrana, and wrapped him up for the pin.
*Winner: Mysterio by Pinfall

• Match 7- Lex Luger vs. Bret Hart - * United States Title Match*
-During the match, Hart took his belt and and looked as if he was going to walk out on the match. But Luger caught him, and threw him back in the ring, and continued to dominate him. In the later parts of the match, however, Bret Hart absolutely dominated Luger. Luger came on strong in the end, nailing Hart with a flying forearm. As Luger had him in a sleeper, Hart backed Luger into the referee and him into the corner. Hart then took a foreign object out of his pants and attempted to hit Luger. However, Luger ducked and Luger racked Hart, getting the submission victory. The rest of the Wolfpac then came out and celebrated with the New US Champion. The match last about 20 minutes or so.
*Winner: Luger by Submission (NEW US Champion)

• Match 8- Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman - * WCW Cruiserweight Title Match*
-Kidman put up a rather tough fight for Guerrera, but Guerrero eventually won the match after hitting his 450 degree splash from the top.
*Winner: Guerrera by Pinfall

• Raven, and his Flock came down to the ring. Raven nailed Riggs with a D.D.T for not helping him in his match at Road Wild, and slapped Horace Boulder for hitting him with the Stop sign in the match. The two then fought in a match.

• Match 9- Raven vs. Horace
-In the match, Horace was able to hit Raven with a Stop sign and then execute a ploncha onto Raven on the outside. During the match, Kanyon attempted to get to the ring, but the Raven didn't allow it. As the ref looked at that, Saturn came up from behind and delivered the Death Valley Driver to Raven, giving Horace the victory.
*Winner: Horace by Pinfall

• Match 10- Curt Hennig vs. Konnan
-During the match, Hennig took off Konnan's chain and attempted to hit Konnan with it. However, Konnan took back the chain and started to choke Hennig with it, which caused the referee to disqualify Konnan.
*Winner: Hennig by Disqualification

• Match 11- The Giant and Scott Hall vs. Sting and Kevin Nash - *WCW Tag Title Match*
-Hall got a microphone and asked the crowd whether they were there to see WCW, the NWO black and white, or the Wolfpac. The crowd was unanimously with the Wolfpac.
After Sting had nailed three consecutive Stinger Splashs on Hall, he went for the Scorpion Death Drop. However, at that point, The Giant came into the ring and choke-slammed the referee, which caused the disqualification, and let Hall and Giant retain the Tag Titles.
*Winners: Sting and Nash by Disqualification

• Match 12- Goldberg vs. Meng - *WCW Championship Match*
-Hogan, Hall, and The Giant first came out to act as "security officials" for the match. After that, Nash, Sting, and Luger came out to even out the odds. After Goldberg had been thrown to the outside, the NWO-Hollywood members began to attack Goldberg, which caused Wolfpac members to help out Goldberg. Back in the ring, Meng applied his Tongan Death Grip on Goldberg. Goldberg went down, and Meng had thought that he won. However, Goldberg got right back up and speared Meng down. He then picked up Meng and executed the Jackhammer for the win. Afterwards, Hogan came into the ring and nailed Goldberg with a chair, which caused Nash to enter the ring, causing Hogan to flee the ring. Goldberg got back up, thought that Nash hit him with the chair, and speared Nash.
*Winner: Goldberg by Pinfall