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WCW Monday Nitro Report
August 3rd 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Denver, Colorado

• Bobby Heenan joined the commentating position at the beginning of the show. Tony Schiavone explained that Larry Zbyszko was called into a meeting with Turner executives, and speculation began that the meeting had to do something with Dusty Rhodes' "Texas Gag Order."

• Gene Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page in the ring. After Tonight Show footage was aired (and it continued throughout the show), it was set - Diamond Dallas Page and Jay Leno vs. Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff at Road Wild. DDP said that he and Leno were ready for their match at Road Wild.

• Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart)
-Diamond Dallas Page continued to make his way through the crowd, but immediately came back down once Jimmy Hart called him out. DDP had no tape on his ribs. With help from Hart, Barbarian had the overall advantage. However, out of no-where and after the fourth attempt, DDP finally executed the Diamond Cutter to take the victory.
*Winner: Page by pinfall

• Larry Zbyszko returned to his commentating position. Zbyszko explained that Dusty Rhodes had filed some kind of complaint to Time Warner called a "Texas Gag Order."

• Eric Bischoff's NWO Night Cap returned. The band played, as Eric Bischoff and Elizabeth made their ways out. Postive, but fake, chants played along as Bischoff stated the jokes, which the actual crowd were not impressed with. Bischoff then began to criticize Diamond Dallas Page, Jay Leno, and Kevin Eubanks. Special guest, Hollywood Hogan made his way to the set. Hogan then did his little speech, discussing matters on Leno and DDP. Bischoff said that NWO Night Cap would return with a lot more after a commercial break, but the show did not return.

• Tokyo Magnum vs. Psychosis
-It was originally supposed to be Disco Inferno vs. Psychosis. Disco introduced Alex Wright, but instead, it was Tokyo Magnum. Magnum confusingly took on Psychosis, but the match went to a No Contest after Scott Norton attacked both wrestlers. Norton challenged anyone to come out and confront him. Hugh Morrus came down, with Jimmy Hart trying to talk him out of it. Morrus resisted and received one of Norton's Jack-Knife Powerbombs.
Result: No Contest

• Gene Okerlund interviewed Goldberg. Goldberg said that Saturday, at Road Wild it would be pay-back time for The Giant. He then threw his name into the NWO Battle Royal for Road Wild. He said he doesn't care who he has to go through, including Sting, he wants to get to The Giant. Sting then came out and stood nose to nose with Goldberg. At that point, Giant came over the microphone and said he doesn't have to wait until Road Wild. Goldberg then came to the entrance way, took out a few NWO members, and chased Giant to the backstage area. Bret Hart then came out, and stopped Sting as he was headed backstage. However, Sting just pushed him out of the way and went backstage.

• Brian Adams (w/Vincent) vs. Jim Duggan
-As Vincent was holding Duggan in the ropes for Adams, Duggan moved and Adams nailed Vincent. Duggan then hit a running clothesline to Adams, as Vincent got on the second rope, with Duggan's 2x4. Vincent tried to hit Duggan with it, but he missed and Duggan attempted to hit him. However, Adams nailed him from behind and executed a piledriver for the win.
*Winner: Adams by Pinfall

• Gene Okerlund attempted to get some comments from Sting back in the locker room area. However, Sting was not in his locker room. Bret Hart then appeared and said it was a shame what happened to Luger earlier in the night. He then told Sting that he wanted to be his partner later in the night so that he could show Sting that he respects him and that they can be a great tag team.

• Sick Boy, Raven, and Lodi came down to the ring. Raven said that Sick Boy will not wrestle Kanyon tonight, as he isn't in the building. He told Saturn that he better hope that Kanyon hasn't sided with the Flock, as their Triangle Match would become a handicap match. Lodi then took the mic and told Saturn that when Raven's done with him, he would take some shots at him. Raven the pushed Lodi down and kicked him. He then took two of his fingers and pulled them apart, apparently breaking them. Saturn then came down to the ring, as Raven and Sick Boy left. Saturn, at first, appeared to want to help Lodi, but eventually pulled back on all of his fingers and executed the Death Valley Driver on him.

• Okerlund was once again in the back, near Sting's locker room. He then caught Hart talking to Scott Hall, and attempted to listen in, but Hart and Hall left before he could hear anything.

• Okerlund interviewed J.J. Dillon and Dean Malenko. Malenko said he understood that he couldn't get another title shot against Jericho and that Jericho was the better man that night. Chris Jericho then came out. Jericho said that he's happy that everybody has finally realized that he's the better man. After Jericho had told Malenko he could never have the privilege to step into the ring with him, Malenko said that's not entirely true. Dillon then told Jericho that Malenko has been appointed the Special Guest Referee, as Dillon feels Malenko can keep Jericho under control. Jericho was very upset about it, crying about a "conspiracy."

• Eddie Guerrero vs. Juventud Guerrera
-Guerrera used his high-flying ability to take a complete advantage in the match, until Eddy caught him with a shoulder-breaker. Following that, Guerrero executed his Froggy Splash maneuver, securing the victory.
*Winner: Guerrero by Pinfall

• Stevie Ray vs. Lizmark, Jr. - "Television Title Match"
-Before the match, Okerlund caught Stevie Ray and asked him about the TV Title. Ray gave Okerlund documents proving that he is now officially the WCW TV Champion, thanks to his brother giving him "power of attourny." As Ray was about to finish off Lizmark with the Flapjack, Chavo Guerrero came out. Guerrero said he's been going through Ray's things. He said he found a pair of gloves and a stamper that makes it look like a document has been officially authorized. Hearing this, Ray came out of the ring and chased Guerrero backstage, being counted out in the process.
*Winner: Lizmark by Count Out

• Curt Hennig (w/Scott Norton) vs. Konnan
-Konnan did his usual theatrics to get the crowd pumped up for the match. After Konnan had slammed Hennig's head into the mat, Konnan executed the Tequila Sunrise on Hennig. However, Norton then got on the apron, which caused Konnan to break the hold. Hennig then took back control, choking Konnan with his own shirt. He then executed the Hennig Plex on him for the win. Afterwards, Nash came down to the aid of Konnan, as Hennig and Norton left the ring.
*Winner: Hennig by Pinfall

• Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.
-Jericho controlled the early portions of the match, using a missile dropkick from the top, onto the floor to really take Mysterio down. However, Mysterio was able to take control after executed a springboard splash onto Jericho. Towards the end of the match, each wrestler executed a great move to get momentum back on their side. As Mysterio went for a hurracanrana on Jericho, Jericho pulled Mark Curtis into Mysterio's path, with Mysterio nailed Curtis with a hurracanrana. As Jericho went for his Lion Tamer submission, Mysterio rolled him up. At that point, Malenko came down and counted to three for Mysterio, as Curtis was still down.
*Winner: Mysterio by Pinfall

• Scott Steiner came down to the ring. Steiner said that after Nitro last week, his mother called him and told him that he's not better than anybody else. Steiner then took off his NWO shirt and said that it may be "4 Life," but it's not for him. He then quit the NWO, and asked his brother to come out. At that point, Buff Bagwell came out dressed as Rick Steiner, and acting like a dog. When asked if he was going to get beat by Scott at Road Wild, Bagwell gave a agreeing "arf, arf." Bagwell then took the microphone and said that the acting jobs they've done in the past have been great, but none have been as great as when Steiner actually cried. Bagwell then asked for Steiner to cry again, which he attempted to do. However, as he was doing that, Rick Steiner came down and nailed him with a chair. He then ran out of the ring after Brian Adams and Vincent came down to help Scott.

• As the Nitro Girls were finishing up a dance, Hogan and the rest of the NWO came down. Bischoff then stopped Kimberly as she attempted to leave. Bischoff told Kimberly she's hot, but if it wasn't for him she would be dancing at a topless bar somewhere. She then slapped Bischoff in the face, as Page ran down to the ring. Adams and The Giant held him back as Bischoff scolded Kimberly. Kimberly cried as Hogan slapped Page in the face. Hogan then took the microphone and told DDP that Kimberly is "Black and White" all the way up her body. Hogan then punched Page several times. The Giant then picked Page up and chokeslammed him. Hogan then told Kimberly the next time she needs a "real man," she should come to his house, as Kimberly kneeled over Page's body.

• Scott Hall and The Giant vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart and Sting - *WCW Tag Title Match*
-Before the match, Hall told Kevin Nash to stop acting like a baby and start acting like a man. Sting came down to the ring from the rafters, wearing his old black and white face paint. As Hart attempted to tag Sting in, Sting would not extend the hand. The only way Hart could tag him in was to slap him on the arm, which he did. Sting had taken control of both the Giant and Hall, while Hart was on the outside, until Hall hit him. Hall then held Sting to let Hart hit him with Sting's bat. As he tried, he nailed Hall with it. Sting then covered Hall and won the match. However, when Mickey J saw the bat, he immediately called for a reversal, calling for a disqualification. Hart took both tag titles and walked away, as Hall & Giant beat up on Sting. As that continued, Goldberg came down and speared The Giant as the show went off the air.
*Winners: Hall and Giant by Disqualification