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WCW Monday Nitro Report
July 27th 1998

By Tim Brooks

WCW Monday Nitro
LIVE From San Antonio, Texas
July 27, 1998

* Tony Schiavone announced that Gene Okerlund will interview Goldberg for the first time ever.

* Scott Hall, Rick Rude, Giant, Vincent, Brian Adams and Scott Norton came out to the ring. Hall said that he is sick of seeing Nash cry. He then challenged the Wolfpac to a match against NWO Hollywood at Road Wild where the last man in the ring is the winner and determines which NWO faction is the most powerful. Hall then said that the NWO has all of the gold except for one title. He said tonight Brian Adams will capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

* Raven came to the ring, along with the Flock. Raven said that he is attacked every week by Saturn and Kanyon and he's sick of it. Then, Saturn came out and said that Raven was a rich spoiled kid and that he will give Raven something to cry about. Kanyon then came out and Saturn turned around and nailed Kanyon. Saturn then picked up Raven for the Death Valley Driver. Kanyon then nailed Saturn with the Flatliner, and left the ring.

*Eric Bischoff w/Elizabeth came out once again to the set of "NWO Night Cap." Bischoff once again did a monologue, cracking jokes about people, and, of course, Jay Leno. He made fun of the fact that Jay Leno thinks he's a real biker, calling Hogan the real biker. He also made fun of Leno's rather large chin. Bischoff then sat down at his desk and did a take-off of Leno's "Headlines" segment he has on his show, every Monday night. Bischoff then brought out his "special guest," Hollywood Hogan. Hogan first wished a Happy Birthday to "Nitro Nick." Bischoff then ran some footage of Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks of the "Tonight Show," with the two men cracking jokes on Bischoff and Hogan. Hogan reacted to the footage by saying that Jay Leno is walking on eggshells, and is crossing the line. Hogan said he knows Leno is going to be in Sturgis and if Leno doesn't keep his mouth shut, he's going to take him out on his own show. Bischoff then said that Hogan had a few more surprises for Leno, later in the show.

* Gene Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. Page started off the interview by saying that Hollywood Hogan "sucks." He said he was the guy that attacked him last week on Nitro. He said he didn't kill him, so he wants to now rid the world of Hogan's ego. He then challenged Hogan to get into the ring with him tonight.

* Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, and Scott Norton came to the broadcast booth. Hall said that Nash doesn't have the guts to face him, so why not send Sting over to face him later in the night. Rhodes then told Zbyszko that he's now under a "Texas Gag Order," and if Zbyszko gets into the faces of the NWO once again, they will gag him with a bandana.

Match 2- Scott Norton w/Dusty Rhodes vs. Jim Neidhart
Norton beat Neidhart in less than a minute with a Jackknife powerbomb.
Winner: Norton by Pinfall

* Security Officials were backstage. Doug Dillenger knocked on Goldberg's door to let him know that it was time for his interview, but he didn't come out. When Dillenger and the security went in, the found that Goldberg wasn't there and that the room had been vandalized with "NWO 4 Life" and "Goldberg, you're next" spray paintings on the walls.

* Bret Hart came to the ring. Hart told Page to shut up about his excuses, because he shouldn't have shown up for the match if couldn't win it. He promised to give all challengers a fair chance at his U.S. Title, and to be the best U.S. champion there has ever been. Hart said he won't "officially" join the NWO-Hollywood because of the respect he has for Sting. He said last week was Sting's fault for his losing his title, and not his. He said the only thing wrong in wrestling are the fans, who want to lead you down the wrong road. He told Sting that he's his friend.

Match 3- Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko
* WCW Cruiserweight Title Match*
*Last Chance Match*
Stated before, if Malenko can't win the title in this match, the two will never wrestle again. As Malenko was about to enter the ring for the match, Jericho attacked him with a clothesline, sending him to the outside. A few minutes into the match, Jericho had secured the Lion Tamer submission, but Malenko was able to reach the ropes. Malenko also had his finishing move, The Clover Leaf applied, but Jericho was also able to reach the ropes. As Jericho was on the outside, he took out some brass knuckles. Malenko then attacked him, back in the ring, and took the brass knuckles from him, after he inadvertently hit the referee with an elbow. Malenko then hit Jericho with the knucks, the referee saw that Malenko had the knucks, and disqualified Malenko.
Winner: Jericho by Disqualification

* Gene Okerlund was in the back and told everyone that Goldberg had been found and that they will interview him later in the show.

Match 4- Curt Hennig w/Rude vs. Steve "Mongo" McMichael
Rude made his presence known, attacking McMichael every chance he got. After Rude had held Mongo's foot, Hennig came over and nailed him. He then hit him with the Hennig Plex, getting the victory.
Winner: Hennig by Pinfall

* WCW showed footage of a "fake" Hogan coming out on the "Tonight Show," on Thursday night.

* Hogan, Bischoff, and Disciple came to the ring. Bischoff first said he's going to fire the guy that let WCW show that clip of the fake Hogan coming out on Leno's show. Hogan said that he's going to ride Diamond Dallas Page real hard later in the night, and that he shouldn't have messed with him in the first place.

* WCW showed the Hogan/Rodman vs. Page/Malone match from the Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View.

* Okerlund interviewed Bill Goldberg. Goldberg said that what Hogan and the NWO did to him earlier, crossed the line. He said he's smashed through everybody in his way, and his going to make an example out of Brian Adams later in the night.

* Okerlund interviewed Arn Anderson. Anderson said that he was going to re-evalute his position, but after he saw both Malenko and McMichael lose, he was dissapointed. He then told Benoit, Malenko, and McMichael to drop the Horsemen thing and let it be.

Match 5- Scott Hall vs. Sting
Following three consecutive Sting Splash's, Sting executed the Scorpion Death Drop on him. After this, Bret Hart came down to the ringside area, causing Sting to go after him and attack him on the outside. At that point, Hennig & Vincent came down and attacked Sting, causing Sting to be counted out. This caused Lex Luger and Kevin Nash to come out and even up the odds. Nash powerbombed Vincent, while Hart just sat in the corner, doing nothing. Hall executed a low blow on Nash and began to attack the Wolfpac members. Sting then got back in the ring and nailed Bret Hart. He then tried to put him in the Scorpion Death Lock, but Hart was able to squeeze out of the hold and exit the ring.
Winner: Hall by Count Out

* Okerlund interviewed Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell. Steiner rolled Bagwell out in a wheel-chair, with Bagwell wearing a neck brace. Steiner then threw Bagwell down to the floor and acted as if he was really hurt, but it turned out that he wasn't. Bagwell showed everyone his scar, and said his injury wasn't fake. Steiner called Bagwell the best setup man in the business, referring to Bagwell setting up Rick Steiner last week on Nitro. Steiner said he's beaten up his brother all his life and he'll be glad to do it in Sturgis. J.J. Dillon then came out and scolded Bagwell for faking his serious injury, and told Steiner that he'll do everything in his power to get a match signed between him and his brother.

Match 6- Brian Adams w/Vincent vs. Goldberg
*WCW Championship Match*
Adams took it right to Goldberg from the start, nailing a shoulder block from the top to Goldberg. After Goldberg had speared both Adams and Vincent, he nailed Adams with the Jackhammer and got the victory.
Winner: Goldberg by Pinfall

Match 7- Hollywood Hogan w/Disciple vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Hogan attacked Page from the very start of the match, choking him with his wrist tape at one point. Page quickly fought back, though. Page then had to fight both Hogan and the Disciple when the fight took to the outside of the ring. After Page was able to execute The Diamond Cutter on Hogan, the NWO came down and attacked Page, disqualifying Hogan. Soon after, The Wolfpac came down to the save of Page. Bill Goldberg then came down and helped the Wolfpac take out the NWO members. After that had been accomplished, The Giant came down, took Goldberg by the neck and chokeslammed him. The show then went off the air.
Winner: Page by Disqualification