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WCW Monday Nitro Report
July 20th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Salt Lake City, Utah

• To start of the show, Scott Hall continued his insults toward Kevin Nash, and basically bragged about how much better NWO-Hollywood was.

• Tony Schiavone announced that Diamond Dallas Page and Bret Hart would go one-on-one later in the show with the winner being declared the WCW United States Champion.

• Stevie Ray vs. Johnny Boone
-Stevie Ray came down without the Television Title, and explained to the camera that he left the belt with his brother, Booker T. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. appeared during the match, along with his horse and the Television Title. A distracted Stevie Ray managed to obtain the victory with the Slap Jack. Chavo handed the belt to Ray and headed to the locker room area.
*Winner: Ray by Pinfall

• Rick Steiner came out to the entrance-way to be interviewed with Gene Okerlund. Rick said he was ready to put his feud with his brother (Scott Steiner) to a rest. He challenged his brother to a match for Road Wild, and said that his shoulder would be at 100 percent. As the interview finished up, Buff Bagwell - in a wheel-chair and along with WCW trainer, Daniel Young - appeared. Steiner apologized to Bagwell for injuring his neck, and Bagwell forgave him. Scott Steiner then appeared, and nailed his brother with a chair. Bagwell acted as if the attack was uncalled for, but eventually hit Rick Steiner himself, revealing he sided-off with NWO-Hollywood.

• Chris Jericho, in an interview conducted by Gene Okerlund, announced that he would give Dean Malenko a Cruiserweight Title shot the following week on Nitro. According to Jericho, it would be Malenko's last chance to attempt to gain the Cruiserweight Title.

• Scott Hall came to the broadcast booth. He first threw a toothpick into Larry Zbyszko's face. He basically made fun of Kevin Nash's sentimental interview he had with Mike Tenay, last week after Nitro.

• We saw a car smashed up against the side of a wall, where a sign read "Star of the Show." Schiavone speculated it was Eric Bischoff's attempt to impersonate Jay Leno, host of the "Tonight Show."

• Sick Boy (w/Lodi) vs. Steve McMichael
-Before the match, Lodi hit McMichael with one of his signs, which caused McMichael to choke him, but Sick Boy came to his aide at that point. Mongo had no trouble in this match, winning with the Mongo Spike in under 3 minutes.
*Winner: McMichael by Pinfall

• The "NWO Night Cast" show was once again played out. The band was there, and Eric Bischoff was the host, who was accompanied by Elizabeth. Bischoff did his best to impersonate Jay Leno, having an opening monologue, telling jokes about celebrities, drugs, and Bill Clinton. During this, Schiavone kept saying how Bischoff was copying Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" monologue. Bischoff then made fun of Leno's chin, and continued with other insults.

• WCW attempted to run Nash's interview with Tenay from last week. However, Hall went into the production truck and cut off the tape. As Hall was coming out of the truck, Nash met up with him and they began to fight. Hall and Nash then fought to a trailer, where NWO-Hollywood members came out and attacked Nash. Wolfpac members then came out and brawled with the NWO-Hollywood members.

• Bret Hart came out to the broadcast booth and told the commentators he wants Diamond Dallas Page's butt right now. In the back, Page had been attacked, as he was laying on the ground, in pain. Konnan called for help, which finally came. Bret Hart then went to the ring, in preparation for the match. J.J. Dillon then came out and told Bret Hart that the match would not take place right now, as he was going to give Page time to recuperate.

• Saturn vs. Yuji Nagata (w/Sunny Onoo)
-During the match, Schiavone announced that Dillon had set a match between NWO and Wolfpac. The match was: Nash and Sting vs. Hall and Giant. As Sunny Onoo had the referee distracted, Raven came down and delivered the Even-Flow D.D.T. to Saturn. Nagata then executed the Nagata Lock on the unconscience Saturn, who was pinned in the move. The Flock then came down to the ring and attacked Saturn. At that point, Kanyon came down to the ring and took out all of the members of The Flock. However, Saturn then got up and delivered the Death Valley Driver to Kanyon. He then told Kanyon to stay out of his business.
*Winner: Nagata by Pinfall

• Kevin Nash and Sting vs. Scott Hall and The Giant - *WCW Tag Team Title Match*
-After Sting had been dominated for several minutes, Kevin Nash was finally tagged in and took out the Giant. Hall was then tagged and Nash quickly took him down with the big boot. As Nash went for the Jackknife on Hall, Giant came in and broke it up, only to be thrown to the mat by Sting. A bit later, Sting was tagged in and Stinger splashed Hall twice. He then went for the Scorpion Death Lock, as Nash distracted the referee by attacking the Giant. From there, Bret Hart came into the ring and Sting released the hold. Hart then left the ring and Sting stood on the second rope. Hall came over to Sting and executed the Outsider's Edge for the victory and the Tag Team Championships.
Winners: Hall and Giant by Pinfall (NEW WCW Tag Team Champions)

• Disco Inferno and Alex Wright vs. Masahiro Chono and Great Muta
-After Muta had executed a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on Wright, he executed a Leg Bar submission, which caused Wright to submit. Scott Norton then came down and powerbombed both Wright and Inferno.
*Winner: Chono and Muta by Submission

• Tokyo Magnum vs. Ultimo Dragon
-After Dragon had executed a Brainbuster on Magnum, Dragon slapped on his Dragon Sleeper, causing Magnum to submit.
*Winner: Dragon by Submission

• Jim Powers vs. Scott Norton (w/Vincent)
-Powers could not do anything to take down Norton. After attempting three clotheslines in a row on Norton, Norton shook them off and delivered a Somoan Drop to him. He then defeated him with a Powerbomb.
*Winner: Norton by Pinfall

• Hollywood Hogan, followed by most of the NWO-Hollywood members came down to the ring. Hogan said that when he arrived, himself and The Disciple were surprised to see the amount of worshipers that greeted him when he arrived at the airport. He said he loves them all. He said he admires Bagwell and Scott Steiner's loyalty. He then said Goldberg is the next name on his list. He said the NWO-Hollywood holds Universal power. He then told Dallas Page to give Bret Hart the fight of his life, because either way, Hart will take the U.S. title for the NWO.

• Eddie Guerrero vs. Konnan (w/Antoine Carr)
-Carr is a member of the Utah Jazz NBA Basketball team. Carr proved to be an intimidating force on the outside, scarring off Guerrero when he came to the floor. During the match, Chavo Guerrero came down, dressed like Konnan, saying he's "Bowdy Bowdy and Rowdy Rowdy." As Chavo had gotten on to the apron, Eddy took Chavo's horse and attempted to hit Konnan, which DQ'ed Eddie. At that point, Konnan ducked and took the horse, nailing Eddie with it. He then threw Eddie over the top rope, onto the floor.
*Winner: Konnan by Disqualification

• Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Lex Luger
-After Luger had inadvertently whipped Hennig into the referee, which caused him to be knocked down, Rude came into the ring. Luger then put him into the Torture Rack. However, Hennig then came over and attacked Luger from behind. He then executed his Hennig Plex for the victory, with Rude holding onto Luger's foot.
*Winner: Hennig by Pinfall

• Bret Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page - *U.S. Title Match*
-After several minutes, Diamond Dallas Page finally came out for the match. His ribs and right knee were both taped up, and his eyes were swollen. Bret Hart completely dominated the less than 100 percent Dallas Page. Page fought off the first attempt of Hart's sharpshooter, but when Hart locked him up in it for the second time, Page finally submitted and Bret Hart became the new US Champion. Medical Officials then came out with a stretcher and put Page on it, as the NWO-Hollywood members came out and celebrated with Hart. Officials put Page into an ambulance as the show went off the air.
*Winner: Hart by Pinfall (NEW US Champion)