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WCW Monday Nitro Report
July 6th 1998

By Joe De Leon

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan
Live from Atlanta, Georgia

• Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischof, The Disciple, and Elizabeth all made their ways down to the ring to kick off the show. Hogan, speaking on behalf of himself and Dennis Rodman, said Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone would go down at Bash at the Beach. He made a change in plans, announcing if Goldberg could beat an NWO-Hollywood member, he would get his shot at the WCW World Title later in the show.

• Match 1- Booker T. vs. Dean Malenko - *Television Title Match*
-As the physical match continued, Chris Jericho appeared near the entranceway. Jericho began to distract Malenko over the microphone, letting Booker T. nail Malenko from behind with an Axe Kick. Booker T. secured the pin, to retain the WCW Television Title. Meanwhile, Jericho ran off to the locker room, laughing.
*Winner: Booker T. by Pinfal

• Backstage, Goldberg was pumping up for the matches he would go through later in the show.

• Karl Malone, taunted Dennis Rodman in pre-recorded comments.

• Match 2- Kanyon vs. Raven (w/Lodi)
-As Raven took the advantage, with help from Lodi, Saturn appeared. Saturn took out all three superstars in the ring, giving a belly-to-belly suplex to Lodi, pounding Kanyon with the Death Valley Driver, and slamming Raven through a table.
*Winner: No Contest

• Buff Bagwell arrived at the Georgia Dome in a limousine. He was wearing a neckbrace, and was wheelchaired into the arena by his mother.

• Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone made their way down to the ring to meet up with Gene Okerlund for an interview. Both sent out their warnings to Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman for their upcoming Bash at the Beach match.

• Match 3- Scott Putski vs. Riggs
-After Riggs was sent into the turnbuckle, disorienting him, Putski took Riggs' legs and slammed him down with a version of the Powerbomb, called the "Putski bomb" for the victory.
*Winner: Putski by Pinfall

• Backstage, yet another Limousine had pulled up with the NWO-Hollywood members waiting outside. Then, Scott Hall came out of the limousine. He embraced the NWO members and said that he would be the man that would be facing Goldberg for Hogan later in the show.

• Chris Jericho came down to the ring. Jericho said that he would not be facing Malenko at Bash at the Beach, rather Rey Mysterio, Jr. At that point, J.J. Dillon came down to the ring. He said Jericho will not face Mysterio at Bash at the Beach, rather Malenko. Malenko then came down and attempted to get at Jericho. Dillon then told Malenko that if he touches Jericho, he will be disqualified for his match at the Bash at the Beach and would be suspended. Jericho then attempted to get Malenko to touch him by making harsh comments about Malenko and his father. Jericho then came up with the idea that when Malenko's father was on the road, he cheated on his mother. That put Malenko over the limit, causing him to attack Jericho. Several WCW officials had to come down to finally get Malenko under control.

• Match 4- Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon - *Cruiserweight Title Match*
-About 3 minutes into the match, Dean Malenko once again attacked Chris Jericho, disqualifying Dragon. Malenko grabbed at Jericho's hair, actually pulling some of it out. Dragon was visibly upset about these turn of events.
*Winner: Jericho by Disqualification

• Back from commercial, we saw Dean Malenko getting handcuffed. Schiavone said that Malenko had been arrested.

• Match 5- Johnny Swinger vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
-Guerrero came out in a hard-hat and a pair of scissors in hand, saying he was coming after Eddy Guerrero. Guerrero was able to win this match after hitting the Tornado D.D.T. on Swinger. Guerrero then took the microphone and said Swinger had "split ends." Guerrero then took his scissors and cut a chunk of hair from Swinger. Guerrero, Jr. then challenged Eddy Guerrero to a "Hair for Hair" match for Bash at the Beach, where the loser would get their hair cut off by their opponent.
*Winner: Guerrero by Pinfall

• Match 6- Disco Inferno and Alex Wright vs. Public Enemy
-As Wright danced his way to the ring, Tokoyo Magnum came out behind Wright and began to dance in the ring, with Inferno and Wright looking on confused about why Magnum was there. Magnum stayed at ringside throughout the match. After Grunge had set up Wright on a table, Magnum came over and saved him. Public Enemy then attacked him. They then put two tables on top of each other, and put Magnum on top. Grunge then catapulted Rock onto Magnum, breaking both tables. Back in the ring, Disco and Wright attacked Public Enemy with two trashcans, disqualifying them.
*Winners: Public Enemy by Disqualification

• Okerlund interviewed Buff Bagwell, who was wheeled to the entrance way by his mother, Judy. Bagwell said there's no feeling in the world like wondering if you're going to die or be able to come out in front of the fans again. He told the fans that he loves each and everyone of them. Bagwell said that Steiner wanted to bring him out as his "co-star," but he can not concern himself with that right now. He said he's here tonight to tell everyone that he loves them.

• Match 7- Scott Hall vs. Goldberg - *US Title Match*
-If Goldberg wins this match, he will go on and face Hogan for the title later in the show.
Goldberg used his overwhelming power to take the advantage in the early portion of the match. After Hall ran out of the ring, he called for help. Vincent and Disciple came to his aid, but where attacked from behind by Page and Malone with two chairs. Back in the ring, Hall was about to finish off Goldberg with his Outsider's Edge, but Goldberg reversed it into a back-body drop. He then speared Hall and executed the Jackhammer for the victory. Goldberg will take on Hogan for the title later in the show.
*Winner: Goldberg by Pinfall

• Match 8- Psychosis vs. Juventud Guerrera
-After Guerrera hit Psychosis with his Juvy Driver, Guerrera went to the top and hit the 450 degree splash for the victory. Raven's Flock then entered the ring and gang attacked Guerrera.
*Winner: Guerrera by Pinfall

• Match 9- Jim Duggan vs. The Giant
-Duggan attacked The Giant before the bell had rang, but it made no difference in the overall outcome of the match. After The Giant fended off the attempt of the "Old Glory" knee drop from Duggan, The Giant took Duggan by the throat and chokeslammed him for the win.
*Winner: The Giant by Pinfall

• The Giant then took a microphone. He called Kevin Green a pathetic, gutless wimp. The Giant then challenged Kevin Greene to come down and face him one on one. Greene then came out to the ring. Greene then spit in The Giant's face, causing the Giant to try and clothesline him. However, he missed and Greene clotheslined The Giant out of the ring.

• Match 10- Jim Niedhart vs. Diamond Dallas Page (w/Malone)
-Niedhart took a rather short-lived advantage after nailing Page with a low blow. However, later in the match, Page delivered a low blow of his own and then delivered the Diamond Cutter for the victory.
*Winner: Page by Pinfall

• Match 11- Sting and Lex Luger (w/Kevin Nash and Konnan) vs. Sick Boy and Kidman
-Sting and Luger quickly won this match after Sting had nailed Kidman with a Scorpion Death Drop and Luger caused Sick Boy to submit to his torture rack.
*Winners: Sting and Luger by Submission

• Match 12- Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hogan - *WCW Championship Match*
-Goldberg once again used his power to take Hogan off of his game from the start. Hogan took back the advantage, using his belt to take down Goldberg. However, Goldberg quickly took the belt from Hogan and threw it out of the ring. After Goldberg had clotheslined Hogan down, Hogan quickly rolled outside of the ring. Hogan then took Goldberg outside of the ring and hit Goldberg with a chair three times. Hogan then hit three atomic legdrops on Goldberg, but Goldberg kicked out of a pin. Curt Hennig then made his way down to the ring, but was attacked from behind by Karl Malone with a chair. Back in the ring, as Hogan was distracted, Goldberg smashed Hogan with the spear. Goldberg then picked Hogan up and executed his Jackhammer for the victory and the WCW Championship.
*Winner: Goldberg by Pinfall (Wins WCW Championship)