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WCW MONDAY NITRO may 15 1998

I will like to thank Birdie for writing the NITRO report

LIVE from New York
Monday June 15,1998
NOTE:Goldberg's mom is in the hospital for surgery,so Goldberg will
not wrestle tonight.
PUBLIC ENEMY Vs Hugh Morrus & Barbarian (table top pinfall)
*They are using trash cans,cooking ware,2 tables,& chairs
*Talk about Low Blow City.I ve never seen so many low blows in a
match at once. Barbarian does a powerbomb on a trash can to Rocco
Even Jimmy hart is getting involved by hitting Johnny Grunge with a frying pan
Rocco Rock suplexes Jimmy Hart Rocco leaps into the arms of Barbarian and Morrus.Grunge * uses Hart as a ramming pole to knock the opposing team
(Morrus and Barbarian) down off the side onto BOTH TABLES!Rocco is
still in their arms as they fall.Rocco lands on top of them and gets the pin.

*Larry Z. stands up to take the crowd's cheers
*Video showing Tenay outside asking what they thought of GAb and Nitro
*Video showing last Monday Nitro when Nash and Wolfpac asked DDP to
go Wolfpac. Nitro Girls dance (There is a new Girl to make her debut soon)

*Interview with Macho Man
*Macho challenges DDP to a cage match tonight as an init. test
for Wolfpac membership Video showing part of the Hogan/Hart vs Piper/Macho match last night at GAB

*Video showing the Finlay vs Booker match last night at GAB (booker is TV
champ again)
CHRiS BENOIT vs Fit Finlay (submission)
*Benoit gets his shot at day too late...
*Crippler Crossface...tap tap tap
Interview with Benoit
*Benoit has Booker and Stevie come out
*Stevie attacks Benoit
*Booker trys to keep Stevie off of Benoit
*Booker and Stevie ray leave down the entrance way
*Benoit says hes not here for NWO Red or White..."iim here for this..." he
flashes the 4 horsemen sign.
*Interview with DDP about the cage match with macho
*He says yes.And hen he says that after he's done with Savage,he's comming
after Rodman and Hogan.
*Video showing DDP getting hit by chairs at the hands of Hogan and Rodman
*There is some major announcment about Carl Malone(NBA star) to be
made tonight
*Nitro Girls dance
*Interview with Roddy Piper
*Roddy is the ref for the Macho vs DDP cage match!!!!!!
High Voltage vs TENZAN & CHONO (pinfall)
*The winners are NWO Hollywood
*Video showing GAB
*Wolfpac comes out
*They have a mic
*They call out Sting
*Here he comes with both Tag Belts
*Sting's isnt gonna tell us who it is who is his tag partner.He says
that we will find out at match time Booker T&Stevie Ray vs Sting& ????.
*Video showing what happened with the kanyon vs Saturn match
KANYON vs Sickboy (pinfall)
*The Flock is at Ringside
*Kanyon steps outside and flattens Lodi
*Lodi argues with the ref trying to get the decision reversed to
make Sickboy winner
*Ric Rude and Curt Hennig come out.They are NWO White and Black now.They
turned their backs on Red and Black
*Video on Goldberg vs Konna last night on GAB
*Interview with JJ Dillon
*Video showing the Jericho vs Malenko match last night on GAB
*JJ Dillon says if Jericho gets the belt he has to defend
againt Dean Malenko within 30 days
*Jericho doesnt wanna do that
*Jericho insults Malenko and his dad
*Malenko snaps and attacks Jericho
*The fight goes all over the arena
*Security finally holds Malenko back so that Jericho can run out of the
arena out to the parking lot to get away
Chris Adams vs THE GIANT (pinfall)
*Giant comes out with yet another cigarette in his mouth
*Giant stayed in the corner and smokes
*Adams trys to kick Giant.Giant chokeslams Adams while smoking
*Giant leaves with the cig in his mouth
*Video showing Last Monday Nitro when DDP was attacked by Rodman and Hogan
*Hollywood's music plays
*Bischoff,Hogan and Disciple come out
*Hogan dares DDP to find a tag partner to fight againts Rodman
and Hogan....I say it's Carl Malone
*Nitro Girls dance
STING/KEVIN NASH vs Stevie Ray/Booker T (pinfall)
*Sting's partner is KEVIN NASH!
*Video showing Hogan and Scott Steiner on a movie set
*Eric Bischoff interviews Scotty
*Nitro Girls dance yet again
Diamond Dallas Page vs Macho Man Randy Savage (No Contest)
*Buffer stands in the ring,behind the topped cage,and announces
*Roddy Piper comes out first.He is the special ref.
*Rowdy check the cage over to make sure it's tip-top shape
*Macho comes out now
*Then DDP..taped sides and all
*DDP crawls up the cage and stands on the top and salutes the
crowd with the Bang sign
*WCW locks the door
*While the fight keeps going,I noticed the cage is NOT closed.The corners
have open gaps big enogh for a person the size of DDP or Savage to get thru
if they squirm.They shouldnt have that.
*DDP and macho are both useing the cage as a weapon
*Macho and DDP continue to brawl at each other for almost 15 minutes before
he trys for the Cutter.But Macho Low Blows DDP.
*Macho gets mad because he only made a 2 count
*Piper trys to stop DDP from attacking macho
*The cage lifts a few inches
*The cage is lowered back down!
*NWO White and Black is attacking DDP,Rowdy and Savage
*Nash and Sting and the Wolfpac try to get in but they cant get in
because of the cage.
*Nash runs to the back and see the controller knocked out and laying
on the floor
*Nash finds the control pad to lift and lower the cage
*He raises the cage and White and Black scatter as Wolfpac enters to try to
get them and save Macho
*Nitro goes off the air while the NWO and the NWO fight each other
*Im calling this match no contest due to the fact that DDP,Macho,and Rowdy
all got out of line and because of the NWO&NWO interference.