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WCW NITRO 6/9/98

Yugi Nagata with Sonny Onoo d. Jerry Flynn
Nagata dominated Flynn throughout the bout, with a little help from Sonny Onoo. After
berating Flynn -- an accomplished martial artist -- with his own wicked kicks, the
Japanese superstar finished the match with his Nagata Lock.

Horace Boulder and Reese d. Juventud Guerrera and Van Hammer
The Flock combo looked solid against new allies, Hammer and Juvy. But Hammer's
energy was difficult to quell. The former Flocker showed incredible resolve, taking on
both of his opponents and, eventually, knocking down the monstrous Reese. Hammer
took Boulder out of the ring with a clothesline and Juvy tried to finish Reese with an
off-the-top attack. Reese caught the Luchador, however, and delivered the double
chokeslam for the win.

Eddie Guerrero d. Scott Putski
After taking a wicked back body drop, Eddie disarmed Putski's power with a flurry of
speed moves. Putski recovered and winded Eddie with a powerbomb and guerrilla
slam. Eddie rebounded, but ran from the ring when the newly insane Chavo Guerrero
snuck in the ring and tried to attack him. Chavo's interference caused the DQ.

Booker T with Stevie Ray d. Chris Benoit
Best of Seven Series: Match 6
As hard as it is to believe, this was most physical battle between these two superstars to
date. But this match cme down to a brilliant scientific counter by the former TV champ.
Both men saw periods of advantage. Benoit crushed Booker T with chops, stomps and
a head butt splash. The former Harlem Heater wounded the Crippler with a 110th
Street Slam and a devastating pancake drop. Benoit seemed close to scoring the pinfall,
when Stevie Ray appeared ringside. Within the rules, Stevie Ray's cheers seemed to
breathe new life into his brother. With both men back in the ring, Benoit pursued his
advantage by charging his winded opponent. But Booker countered the ring corner
splash attempt with a Lucha-style body scissors, rolling Benoit up for the pin and
surprising three-count. Post-match, Benoit continued to pummel Booker T until Stevie
Ray entered the ring. The seventh and deciding match in this series takes place
Thursday on Thunder.

Fit Finlay d. Norman Smiley
TV Title Match
Smiley, an accomplished fighter abroad, debuted a thicker physique and desire to make
a name in WCW. He picked the wrong opponent. Finlay smothered Smiley with
grinding submission holds and fisticuffs. Surviving an arena floor mishap (the Irishman
punched the ringpost) and a second wind from Smiley, the TV Champ delivered his
Tombstone Piledriver for the pin.

Dean Malenko d. Disco Inferno
Cruiserweight Title Match
After prematurely attempting the Texas Cloverleaf, Malenko absorbed several power
moves from Disco, including his devastating swinging neckbreaker. But the Iceman
kicked out of the move that has flattened many of Disco's previous opponents, and
persisted. The TV Champ eventually knocked down Disco with a flying kick and then
muscled on his trademark finisher for the submission victory.

Goldberg d. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
US Title Match
Monday night will be remembered as the night Chavo Guerrero, Jr., went completely
and utterly crazy. Earlier in the evening, Guerrero demanded this match with the
unbelievable US Champ. As Goldberg approached the ring, Chavo cackled gleefully at
the prospect of meeting the man monster, then continued to howl with insanity as he
was soundly thrashed by his larger opponent. Guerrero's two attempts at offense were
immediately countered by devastating maneuvers out of the secret Goldberg hanbook: a
pumphandle dropaway slam and a guerrilla press powerslam. Guerrero finally stopped
laughing after falling prey to the headspear and Jackhammer.